The story of finding family’s home.

For some reason places for me is little bit emotional, I build this relationship with places and even if the time spent is little I have this feeling of the need to go back to this place and find out if I have missed something.

Starting with Flat6labs, I didn’t consider it home, simply for me it was like a dorm, I am not the only one there and it is not all about me :D, so technically I was just another dude in the area.

I will not talk much about Flat6labs here because I will write a whole post about it, it is exceptional experience that I really can’t forget and there is some details that is somehow worth writing about.

First home

Nokia mobile lab, This was my first place, the photo on the right represents how I remember it in my mind, it is peaceful place that was just made to achieve something and leave, just like that bench, it is not so fancy but help you get your things done.

How did I get this? simply, I did the first and simplest trick in the book, I asked lot of people, I asked for help and there was many options and thankfully, the man who was working on it was really magical, I don’t know if it is my luck or what but this man helped me a lot, he is Mohammed Abd El Jalil aka Galilu, he was somehow our gradian, he did lot of things to help us and one of the things he did was helping us to get the place as fast as possible.

Not only that, he was so helpful on the logistical level, he stood in front of TEIC management to let us stay as much as we want (we were the guys who leave sometimes by 3 AM from governmental building :D can you imagine that).

It was mind blowing 6 months, regardless the fact that we moved twice but I am in love with every detail, including the people in Nokia Mobile Lab ☺

Our home

22 Road 253 Deegla, This was our home that we choose for our selves, I was little bit of a dictator, the place was selected base on many factors, one of them was lot of trees and better streets, and I couldn’t find anything better than Maadi, I was looking like crazy for our new home :D, I was somehow like a boy got some money to get some candy (It was a mistake, I didn’t think much about the future).

Back then my co-founder She7ata was there but to be honest, I didn’t ask for premission or opinion, after all it was my creation from A to Z and I behaved on that manner which also was so wrong.

I made the place where people can have some peace while they are working, they easily go for walks in the neighbor and have fun in the calm and less noisy streets of Maadi.

One good benefit about being in Maadi, generally people there is humble and nice, you will not find this kind of a***ole people who think they are better because any stupid reasons, people where lovely and they usually have better attitude.

The last home

the GrEEK Campus, before I dismiss all the employees and say my sorries for my f**kups, we had a chance to spend around 4 months in the GrEEK Campus.

The only thing I can say, moving from Maadi to Downtown was too big for my brain :D, the step was huge and somehow I wasn’t ready to move to such big noisy place like downtown.

The good thing is I was raised in downtown while I was working with father, I know the place and I can walk there blindfolded but for some reason it wasn’t my place.

There was some benefits from being there, for example the varity of food + the fact that the GrEEK campus has some food startups in the campus, the fact that you have lot of people like minded around (I didn’t have the chance to mingle around but having such people around is a bless)

At the end, each place of them has piece of my heart, if I can’t find it in real life I am not worrying much as this places still exist in my mind and heart.

Thanks for reading this ☺