An emphasis on happiness

2 min readJul 7, 2022


Happy employees and happy customers are on flip sides of the same coin — you can’t have one without the other. In this newsletter, we explore the importance of delivering an employee experience that makes everyone’s lives better. 😀

Everything’s different, but nothing has changed

The importance of evolving your employee experience.

Innovation expert Dave Wright points out that we’re doing the same things we’ve always done — order pizza, book travel — but it’s the experience that’s changed dramatically. This quick video highlights why getting that experience right at work is the key to business success. ⬇️

Employees are fed up — and flexing their newfound power

From deeper purpose to freedom to unplug, here’s what people are looking for at work.

The Great Resignation. The Great Reshuffling. The Great Re-Evaluation. Call it what you will, people are more willing than ever to jump ship for greener work pastures. A new survey of Canadian workers takes a look at what people want — and how AI can help employers deliver.

How to support your new “flexitarian” workforce.

As the lines blur between our work and personal lives, the demand for flexibility and connection grows. Enterprise mobile apps give your employees the experience they’re looking for.