New SKStoreReviewController requestReview in iOS 10.3

Within iOS SDK 10.3, Apple has relased a new Controller in StoreKit framework. SKStoreReviewController has only one method: requestReview. New requestReview method has one purpose, sto annoying users with “not now” and “don’t ask me again” buttons, redirects to App Store and other many tricks implemented by developers to gain a review. It will present a standard and clear system alert, where your user can tap the stars, giving you a rate from 1 to (as usual) without leaving your application.

New requestReview

This static method has no parameters, no callback and it’s very simple to implement by anyone.

In Swift 3:


In Objective-C:

[SKStoreReviewController requestReview];

Remember to import StoreKit in your project!

Check out the Apple API Reference for more info about this new method.

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