The Promise of a Tomorrow

I feel the gentle tap of normalcy on my back.

It’s been over a day now.

It started yesterday morning. We had a day at work combined with a few house chores. Running errands around Seattle, dropping off mementos at Goodwill and hoping that replacing a few things will help me remove some scar tissue. Also, that awkward interaction with the guy who bought the headphones. What an afternoon.

Over six hours together confined to the tiny space of the car, the unexpected stop at the gas station with the Mexican Concha bread and the ice cream. Those slightly uncomfortable questions about the two lanes, then the lesson on why passing a big semi-trailer truck in a curve is not a good idea. An after-midnight dinner with benedict eggs and a grilled-chicken salad. Funky-looking people in a restaurant playing Iron Maiden. Not bad at all. Exhausted, we had a a sweet moment tucking in. Sleep came easily.

We woke up to the confusion of why I would mention people who overstay their welcome at coffee shops and whether I was trying to send you a message. I was not. It was harsh. Breakfast was uncomfortable. But we have kept talking. All I wanted was a pat in the back. We reconvened. We kissed. You took a nap. Maybe the stress of eating breakfast all confused made you tired. Work was so simple and tedious that it turned into a relaxing chore. It gave me space to think about us.

I worked for a few hours lost in this surreal dream that having you in my life, being in this chilly city, in this seemingly random escapade. Spokane, Washington. It started like a heavy metal adventure. Thanks to you, it has become solace.

A lunch at Nudo Ramen House. Not the best, but good enough for you to approve of the experience. Dessert at Bruttles Gourmet Candies with that tender pregnant lady. Twenty-four ounces of coffee at Brews Brothers with conversations on the young generation’s sense of entitlement and my little brothers.

Our multi-day quest to get a nail-clipper was finished with a walk to Rite Aid. Moisturizer, head bands and other baubles made the moment charming and casual. I learned how to choose a moisturizing lotion for you. We hoped I never had to buy one on my own. We can only hope.

On we went to the mall. Clothes stores, Nordstrom red tea latte and an orange/pineapple spritzer crowned this first part of the day. It dawned on me. There were moments of silence. It was on our way down riding the escalator. We knew we were there for the other one. I was not wondering if I was or was not pleasing you. You seemed just as comfortable. We were going nowhere in particular. No rush. It felt so normal. Like something we had been doing for ages.

Today normalcy winked at me. She could not promise, but she hinted there might be a tomorrow. We just need to keep talking.

Ne Obliviscaris.

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