Shanghai Queer Film Festival 2017

Sodom’s Cat by Huang Ting-Chun

The Shanghai Queer Film Festival (SHQFF) is a newly launched annual festival that looks to use cinema as a device for telling the LGBTQ+ story in an approachable way and encourage discussion around the topic of sexuality. As a completely volunteer-run and non-profit event, SHQFFF aims to create a platform where filmmakers, especially those of an Asian background, and audiences can meet, converse, and share with one another it means to be LGBTQIA in modern times.

Tales of the Lost Boys by Joselito Altarejos
Us by Caroline Mariko Stucky

The inaugural event will kick off on September 16th and end on September 24th, beginning with a double feature showing of Orientations: Lesbians and Gay Asians and Re:Orientations, two films by director Richard Fung. The first film, released in 1986, examines the lives of lesbians and gay Asians in Toronto during the 1980s. The latter film, released in 2016, is a look at seven of the fourteen lesbians and gay men interviewed in the first film, showing how their lives and the world around them has changed over the last thirty years.

Other notable screenings during the week of festivities will include more films such as Tales of the Lost Boys, Starting Over, The Ornithologist, and more. Beyond these, the festival will also be screening 15 films from finalists of the SHQFF Short Film competition. Yu, a member of the film selection committee, explains that using film to tell stories of LGBTQ+ culture will help “reveal an abundance of queer Asian characters, encourage discussion on queer culture in the East, and represent diversity the diversity of love and freedom.”

Herstory by Han Zhang, Cong Chen
Sodom’s Cat by Huang Ting-Chun

“We are proud to offer this new platform for queer cinema, and to showcase some of the best queer films from around the world,” says Ting, the founder of SHQF. “We hope this new platform can help Chinese and Asian filmmakers to showcase their work, as well as create a network for them to connect and bring them closer to audiences.”

Facebook: ~/shqff
WeChat: SHQueerFilmFestival

Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of SHQFF

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