How to get all certifications for Qlik? (Qlikview , Qlik Sense)

From time to time, I questioned myself, does certification really important in my career with Qlik? My answer is yes. It is pretty much the most straight forward answer to confirmed how much you know about Qlik product at certain technical level of expertise. However, certification does not replace years of experience and both compliment each other just well.

Just recently, I got awarded a special achievement award from Qlik for being one of the 4th fully certified in the United Kingdom.

Fully certified in Qlik Products — One of the 4th in the UK
Special Achievement Award from Qlik

Always remember, if you only do these certifications because you need to do it, you will fail!

And one of the truth value of having these certifications is to allow company to stay as elite partner.

For consultants or developers that looking to start their data adventure with Qlik, this is the drills. . So let’s dive into the Qlik exam!

NDA was signed during each of these exams, I can give only tips and hints but not exact Q&A

There are total of six exam available for Qlik products at the moment. Three for Qlikview and three for Qlik Sense and they are pretty much identical to each other in term of the objectives for the exam.


System Administrator

Firstly is the Qlikview Designer and Developer. The typical one and also owned by most of the Qlikview consultants. Taking developer exam will grant you designer too. So it is reasonable basically for everyone to take developer instead of designer only.

How to pass Qlikview Developer exam?

You might think i’m bollocks for saying this, but in order to pass the developer exam, the only way is to memorised a lot of things you probably will never use in real Qlikview deployment. I took the exam after using Qlikview for about 3 months and never have had any experience in developing business intelligence applications before. Do a lot of hands-on and get to know Qlikview development in general inside out.

How to pass Qlikview System Administrator exam?

This exam does required intensive daily usage of the qlikview management console and few years of windows administrator experience. When you planned to do this exam, make sure you understand the QMC inside out, this ranges from applying licence, setting up dmz, data refresh, differences between publisher and non publisher, and lastly how to architect a high availability and resilient Qlikview environment.

Qlik Sense

Business Analyst
Data Architect
System Administrator

Ah… Qlik Sense. Basically the vision for Qlik. A lot of consultants that came from Qlikview background ought to think Qlik Sense is a crap product. To be honest, I understand perfectly from their standpoint. It is not a middle-ware that can do everything, but a self-service product that allow people to do analysis themselves.

Additionally, I think, pretty much 90% of the Qlik Sense users doesn’t know about Qlik Sense’s API, the back bone that allows developers to do embedded analytics on websites. For some reason, it might mean nothing at all, but for people who can envision-ed utilising QS engine on a SAAS product. It’s a no brainer, and probably will become the best saas analytic product in the world.

To those who interested to do multi tenant saas product using QAP, contact me for more information.
How to pass Qlik Sense Business Analyst Exam?

Among all other exam by Qlik, I believe this exam is a waste of time. Not that it is really simple, but the choices with choosing which visualisations to use are really vary to different entities. While this exam focusing on mostly about the best practices of using different charts and graphs, it encouraged a lot of memorising….

Qlik blog is the only resources I used to study for this exam. Please read intensively for other part of the blog by Patrick Lunbald.

How to pass Qlik Sense Data Architect Exam?

I went without preparing anything related to Qlik Sense at all. This is solely based on my 2 year experience of using Qlikview. In fact, it was easier. The exam is now focused solely on data model, and the rest of the questions are more likely about the latest new features in Qlik Sense.

For newbie developer who is stressed by employer to get certified, do not afraid or fuss about the certifications because experience matter! Please build lots of QS applications and ship them with Qlik cloud which is free. One of the best example is to help your colleague or other departments to do advance analytics.

How to pass Qlik Sense System Administrator Exam?

It was actually much easier than Qlikview sysadmin too. The questions is now more focused inside out of Qlik management console. There are not much objectives to be memorised but hands on experience is really important. For example things like token counting, apps auditing, sync rules, and lastly user directories are really popular within the exam.

Some cmd commands are also helpful, such as netstat, nslookup etc.


For those who looking to take Qlik Sense V2 exam, I recommend to wait for another 2 to 3 months as V3 beta exam has just released.

I hope these blog answered some of your questions about Qlik certifications exam… if you have further queries, feel free to drop me a quick email in, OR for people who read my blog for the first time, You can reach me via as I work for

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