An evolution of Podcast listening user interfaces 2004 — Today.

I’ve seen and used my fair share of podcatchers. From 2006 — 2015 I was at PRX working with an awesome team to build listening apps and tools for public radio producers, stations and podcasters. Back in 2005 we released one of the first podcatcher apps called Pubcatcher, which helped public radio stations curate podcasts for their audiences.

While we were building apps for This American Life, Radiolab, The Moth and our own apps like PRX Remix and the Public Radio Player we tried almost every new podcatcher or podcast listening app came out. We downloaded and discussed what we thought worked in those apps and where the experience could be better. We’d crib here and there, but also advanced and introduced new simplified interactions. We tried out so many apps. People liked what we were doing.

“I am so in love. This app plays 24/7 wherever I am. It’s almost like I can’t function anymore without it on!” — review for PRX Remix on iOS

This Wikipedia page tracks 33 noteworthy podcatchers, but there have been so many more created over the years. Many apps end up getting an in-depth review of the user interface, but I hadn’t seen anything that collected them into a single place. As I start a new adventure at RadioPublic, bringing podcasts to a much, much larger audience, I thought it would be fun to review the history of podcast UI as we imagine and build the future.

It’s interesting to see how the interfaces for listening to podcasts have evolved, or haven’t. I’m not trying to highlight every change and minor update all apps, more capture a slice of what was happening at that time. Please let me know if there are glaring omissions or if you have suggestions for additions.


Scripts, iPods MP3 players and desktop software



Odeo! Hi Ev Williams!

While searching for interfaces from that time I found this “what is a podcast?” article written in 2005. Fun to see what hasn’t changed when you compare that with how Ira Glass explains them to us in 2015.


How to listen to podcasts:

Anyone have screenshots of the early Odeo UI? Maybe Ev?

A video explaining how to add a podcast to iTunes.
Pocket Podcasts for Windows Mobile


How to listen to podcasts:

Podbean embed

2008 — The iPhone arrives

Stitcher Radio — just before the Apple app store
Zune. Wow.
Shocking that this didn’t become mainstream.
Podcatcher Ruby command line client
Public Radio Player — from PRX


BeyondPod for Windows Mobile
Ultra Podcast Player for Blackberry
CastGrabber. Not an app, but man this amazes me.
Astro Player


How to Sync and Download Podcasts to iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch
DoggCatcher for Android
This American Life dedicated show app.


Stitcher for Android
MyPOD Podcast Manager Free
BeyondPod Podcast Manager for Android
Google Listen
Pull: A powerful & free podcatcher (podcast receiver) — Home


Radiolab show app. Man the version we wanted to do would have been awesome.


Fili for iOS from my friend Chris Kalafarski who works at PRX
Fili queue management
iOS 6.0 Podcast app. Oh skeuomorphism.
PRX Remix for Android. Press play listen & skip. No subscriptions.
PRX Remix for iOS. Press play, listen to podcasts.
Stitcher Radio
PlayerFM for Android
Swell, before it was bought by Apple

2014: The Serial podast arrives

This American Life show app
Instacast. Dubstep warning!
Discover from WNYC


Apple Podcast App
Pocket Casts for iOS
Howl for Android


Podcast Addict
Spotify adds podcasts
Google Play Music adds podcasts
Not a podcatcher, but worth collecting.

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