A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots
R. David Dixon Jr.

A thought-provoking article, although I keep asking myself who is going to pay for all these cheaper and better goods and services that company owners will continue to produce with smarter machines. If the majority of us humans will be living on a basic income, there won’t be many people to whom these profitable and humanless industries can sell their sophisticated products.

What I mean is that this business strategy doesn’t seem sustainable at all in the long run. And it could worsen the search for a new kind of “meaningful life”.

I don’t feel very much worried about the future of humankind because I also trust the creativity, good will, and “basic survival instincts of the human race to creatively adapt to the new circumstances”. But I feel uncomfortable at this future scenario where there will be plenty of time and plenty of production but a decreasing social use for them.

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