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3 min readMay 18, 2022

The technology of non-fungible tokens finds its application in various niches of the crypto industry. To date, one of the brightest projects in this category is the fantasy world of NeoEden´s Realm. Its mission is to create an organic crypto community that is committed to supporting its members. Here you will find applications and ways to monetize your most daring ideas. And the domestic economy, where the domestic coin acts as a means of payment, will encourage project participants and potential investors to invest in this promising project, which will be discussed in more detail below.

A portal has been discovered, opening an alternative metaverse far beyond your imagination!

What are Neoeden´s Kings NFTs?

2500 PFP NFTs of diverse Kings in NeoEden´s Realm dubbed “Neocardz”, each one with their own unique personality, traits and elegance , . These NFTs are used as proof of citizenship in the realm, a type of passport, shaped in the form of a traditional playing card. Every Neoeden King has a diverse set of assets that gives it a different level of rarity, from common trinkets to enchanted card frames, discover special Neoeden NFT Kings that are blessed with special powers!

Bestow your King a name of your choosing or write a personal biography in exchange for burning $ROSES at the altar and let it be sealed on display on the blockchain forever. Neoeden´s NFT Kings are one of the most elegant and of the highest quality NFT PFP art up to date, perfect for classy collectors displaying the Royal side of their personality.

King #1991

Benefits of NeoEden´s King NFTs

Each King will grant you 5 $ROSES a day, which you can collect going to the altar (on our website) and claiming them. It is crucial to have at least ONE Queen and ONE King to have the ability to summon “Secret Cardz”. The earlier you hold a King card NFT, the sooner you get to accumulate $ROSES, tokens that you can then use for many different utilities that are being implemented in our ecosystem such as but not limited to; Metadata changes, breeding, trading on Opensea NFTs with $ROSES, voting, purchasing merch, claiming voxel NFTs, and many more.

We also plan to use these Neoeden Kings in different future crypto indie games to give them even more value and utility.

Start Investing in Neoeden´s NFTs

The first benefit for our holders, is that each mint will receive an additional 100 $ROSES as a genesis claim.

Also the more $ROSES or “Neocardz” you own, the more voting points you will have for prime decisions on the direction of the whole project. From play to earn games, to NFT powered clubs and events, we want our Neoeden´s Kings NFTs to grow in value over time, giving exclusive airdrops, promotions and future event invitations to holders. The project will branch out with many planned collaborations and connect with various metaverses.

Neocard holders have full Ownership of their asset and can use it freely as they wish under a non-exclusive license. If minted and owned from day one, a single Neoeden King card will produce around 9000 $ROSES in 5 years. We believe our Neocard NFTs are so revolutionary compared to current ones, many collectors will value them accordingly as other major projects such as Cyberkongz, Bears Deluxe or Kaiju Kingz, of which we are also inspired from.


NeoEden´s Realm is a WEB 3 platform that provides a lot of opportunities for earning, self-realization and just for getting aesthetic pleasure from the process. There are clearly defined roles among the participants of the program, which are implemented through certain NFTs. Thus, any member of the NeoEden´s Realm system within this ecosystem can choose a suitable activity for themselves, including earning tokens and collecting digital art. In search of new sensations and promising sources of income, it makes sense to get acquainted with this project in more detail on the official website of NeoEden´s Realm



NeoEden's Realm

NeoEden´s Realm originated from a fantasy world, brought to life with a modern crypto twist . For more info: