A new machine

I’m listening to someone speak, something about background processes, a minimised browser window, that one fucking tab the music is playing from.

An engine sputters into life, roaring, alive, and then cuts out.

Past three weeks my brain has been doing that. They, talking about software design, say ‘the possibilities’ and some new braindoggo’s ears’ twitch, an LED turns on and then is immediately extinguished, try it again, no good.

I don’t know if foetuses are conscious but if they are we can imagine it comes in dribs and drabs. You think your first thought, you hit snooze, you go away again for a while, you come back.

I imagine I am incubating a new thumb-sized chunk of brain, growing but not yet switched on.

Or maybe a new radio telescope, slowly being manoeuvred into alignment.

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