trying to type oh my god again and again without pausing or correcting

oh my god og my god oh my ogod mog moy god gomy og d og mg oh my god og mh yo gof ogog ohm oh my god ogh mgoy oh my god oh my ogod gpoyoo ohom oh my ogod oh my god og mho gog oh my gof og mh ogod oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god og hoohooh my god oh my ogod oh my og do oh my gof oh my ho f oh my og oh my ogod oh my ogof oh my god oh my god oh my god og mhoy oh my god oh my god oh my god og my when i was young i thought christians were the ones who hated people like me the most but the kids who outed me and beat me up weren’t christian they were just ordinary people well maybe some of them were christian but i don’t think that’s what they were thinking i guess i read the bible that one time and it says something like If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. and figured well it’s the christians but what it really is is you can read the same line that they read hundreds or thousands of years ago and that’s the line that it all came out of right that’s the line that justified it all back then and the kids who beat me up were the echoes reverberating around generations and foregoers so it is the line in a way the line was the line except maybe it wasn’t that line it was some

other line some other place or some original person who said Surely Be Put To Death and that was that and somehow thousands of years later that line got put into a fist and that fist oh my god oh my god og mh yog dog omh og tomoh mg oy gos oh mg ogkgmgm gmmgogo gooh my og dogogjmomyog jsdmgsmogsmmogommogmo goo eohm mogresmg rseogrmo semgmrs oemogesrpmogs empogresmop gmopgsmo pgsrpomgersgmoprejo;egr sjopgrsejogres io;grsmioggreim sgrsjiogrsjo;i grsjiogjio gsji grsjigserji ogrsjiogrjiosjgiroesgj esogj orpesjg psjg erspgjreopsjerisohjih ejgoperjoohj omymh ood moohm hoesm yohom mofdos mohrs mmooh my god ooym gor mhodmy erorg omemshor hmes hrmeo hmsoho remo hrse mgorsmg reso hm gmgmerom hoyo gmmy goo d ohmoyym go gmmodgo moym ogd mgomdogam gomam mo gmagm go oaem ogmea gm aew mgawogaw

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