Mar 17, 2017 · 3 min read

This “author” hopes to “warn” us away from “Chelsea”; instead, he might as well have written a damn campaign ad, due to how awesome Chelsea sounds, after all, of this.

Hey “Matt”: Oxford is actually good, not “banal”. In terms of the institution you put on a resume to determine self-worth? This is pretty up there. Chelsea, by achieving this institutional paper, has shown herself, similarly, to be up there, in terms of all the people. You say the interview was more like a conversation, but how exactly are people supposed to express ideas in interviews without communication? You have to use your mouth, Matt. It’s the only place that words can come out of. You’re acting like being hired by an elite business consultancy firm on the basis of a casual conversation is somehow weird, that it might somehow have something to do with being the daughter of two extremely powerful people. But alas, there’s no quid pro quo here, which is the golden standard of understanding non-Russian behavior, so it’s absolutely fine and probably in fact good.

Then you toss in a damn editorial as though it represented an opinion piece. This isn’t the golden standard of the New York Times or the soft serenades of Paul Krugman; it’s just the faculty director at Berkeley, one with an expertise in exactly this kind of area (“financial regulation, hedge funds and private equity, mergers and acquisitions, deals and deal theory, and jurisdictional competition”), giving an assessment based on his judgment. Yet you present this as relevant!

Also, all that stuff about how the Clintons “avoided taxes” on their inheritance by “a tax scheme involving house ownership” so they could “not pay” “hundreds of thousands of dollars” that would go to the “government”. I’ll have you know someone probably TOLD THEM to do that, so it’s basically completely irrelevant and there’s no reason to be concerned about this.

Also, did you even see that NBC News footage? For all we know, this was the most awesome footage ever produce — maybe it was worth the $26,724 a minute, did you ever consider that? Maybe words couldn’t even describe such a thing: you’d need emojis, at least 3. Oh wait, guessing a woman could never do that, right “Matt”? Also, again, it may look odd that NBC News would grant this job around the time Clinton was SoS and obviously gearing up for a presidential run. But this is a world of quidproquos, and if my mind can figure out a way from recognizing patterns, goshdarnit, that’s what I’m gonna do.

The Clintons are probably the most inspirational story of growing up with nothing and climbing to the top ever in human history. Look at all these accolades and titles they’ve drawn up for themselves over the years. The titles are proof; you don’t need to continue consideration of things once you’ve reached this point. In fact, if these were on a resume and I was hiring, I’m the type who would just nod, mutter “goodness…the qualifications…” under my breath, have a casual conversation with the person (oh I bet you think this is a quiproqo? nice try — try again), and then immediately hire that person. And in this spirit, I expect the Democratic Party in the 17th district to do the same thing for her. It’s basic fairness.

What an angry, pathetic person this author has revealed himself to be. Your impact on the Discourse has been noted.


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