UPNG Waigani Campus Registration 2019 — Unofficial Guide

Unofficial Rego Guide for UPNG Students

Neo Malesa

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial guide. Ask UPNG Student Admin or Student Services for exact details if you are not sure about anything in here.

I have some nephews and friends who will be doing registration this week at UPNG. Since there is no clear guide from the responsible office at the University, I am writing this unofficial guide to help them. While I’m at it, I may as well write this guide for every student.

Main Steps

  1. Pick up Offer Letter
  2. Do Accounts Clearance
  3. Do Accommodation arrangements
  4. Do Online Registration
  5. Take ID shot
  6. Pick up printout of registration form

Other things you will do after registration:
1. Create account at library computer labs for internet/WiFi
2. Pick up ID cards
3. Course overload/variation (if applicable)

Graphic Guide to UPNG Registration 2019

For New Students

1. Pick up Offer Letter

Pick up your offer letter at Student Admin if it hasn’t been mailed yet or you haven’t got anything in your mailbox. Don’t let anyone else pick it up for you. If Student Admin has given your letter to someone else, you should hold them accountable to it. Someone else could scam the officers and illegally register with your details. Offer letter is the first proof of your registration at UPNG.

2. Do Accounts Clearance

Take your offer letter and school fee receipt to accounts at MLT and have them confirm your payment against their statements. I believe they receive bank statements twice a day from BSP. So if you just paid in the morning, best wait until afternoon to go for clearance. If you paid in the afternoon, best check the next day. (The system could’ve been updated, but this is what used to happen) So be careful when making late payments on the last day of registration. It takes some time for the bank statement to arrive at UPNG Accounts. So even though you pay at 3PM on Friday, the statement they have will not be updated till later.

The correct compulsory fee for 2019 is K2939.

The circular below is from 7 Feb, stating this.

Once Accounts have checked your receipts, cleared, and given you a statement. You can proceed to other steps.

3. Do Accommodation arrangements

If you are planning to board, check Student Services. You may have to apply online for rooms. I do not have much information on that. Check Student Services counter at the new building.

4. Do Online Registration

For online registration, you will be logging in to your student account in the computer labs.

Registration Locations:
SHSS & SOL — Library Computer Lab
SBPP — SBPP Computer Lab
SNPS — Biology Lab or SNPS Meeting Room

You will create a new password when in there. Remember that username and password. You can use it later to log in and check your courses, grades, transcript etc.

You should know which courses you are taking from a course handbook. For some programs like LLB, BMFY, FBSc, the courses are fixed. But for others especially in SHSS, you need to select your minor courses. Course advisors will be present at registration so you can ask them if you are unsure.

Some SHSS 1st year students also have an extra step when they enter the lab. For the following divisions, you will need to be slotted into the correct program first. There is an officer doing that. Though UPNG advertized these as one program, they are actually separate programs within those divisions:

  • History, Gender, and Philosophy: BA in History, BA in Gender Studies, BA in Philosophy
  • Language and Literature : BA in Language, BA in Literature
  • Creative Arts: BA in Music, BA in Theatre Arts, BA in Art & Design

Once slotted into your correct program, you can then log in to your account and register your courses.

For other programs it should be straight forward. Remember your log in details. If you forget, see someone at ICT to assist.

From here you can proceed to ID card section at MLT.

5. Take ID shot

Show your acceptance letter and account statement to the ICT officer. The small office is at the front of MLT, the door on rightside entrance to MLT. This is where ID photos are taken and cards been printed.

Usually, the printer is slow and tedious for individual card print and so printing one by one may take time. Say if it prints at a rate of 3min per student. Then 10 students only will be done in 30 mins, and that’s 140 students per day from 9AM-4PM. But we are looking at printing up to 3000 ID cards! So it is faster to only take photos of students and later batch print. ID cards should be ready in the next week to pick up from schools or ICT.

Make sure to dress well and smile!

6. Pick up printout of registration form

If you have done all above steps then you are successfully registered. This next step is to be done the week later (week after close of registration). Starting from Monday 18th Feb onwards. You can pick up a printed copy of your registration form for your reference. Pick it up from your School office. Very important document.

Others Steps

Internet Account — When the library opens for use, you can check the computer labs to create your student internet account. This is either for lab computers or also for UPNG WiFi. There is a usage quota for your free internet which renews at 12 midnight. Use your quota well.

Course overload/variation (if applicable) — This is usually done within two weeks after registration. You can change courses if there are timetable clashes. Or add extra courses if you wish to. With fees reverted to 2018/2017 I don’t think there will be a fee for overloading (as proposed in 2019 fee structure).

For Re-enrolling Students

All steps will be similar to the new students.

For Continuing Students

You will NOT need an acceptance letter. (Sometimes I think there should be a formal letter or email indicating your progress instead of keeping you in suspense). But make sure to check the progress condition list posted by your School. Also, check if the school correctly calculated your GPA. Read this:

If you have been excluded, pick up your exclusion letter at Student Admin.

All other steps are similar. Schools may be setting different days to serve different year students. Check registration locations. Your online registration accounts may all be reset so I think you will be creating new passwords. Remember them this time so you don’t have to pay K2 at Accounts every semester and huddle up to collect your transcript. Just log in and check your grades.

All the best in the new semester!

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