“Thank God I Don’t Have a Job”
Todd Brison

Your friend is right and very lucky to have found the right circumstances in life that allowed him to pursue his dreams and turn a hobby or passion into a cash flow machine. I would dare say 90% of us for whatever reasons can’t get the stars to line up in our favor to make this happen. Strange thing is, I was just going over this with myself for the last few days and have been trying to uncover the blockage that keeps me from achieving this very goal. I to am a creative, but find myself tied to a 9–5 that isn’t. I’ve gone back in my mind to find where things went haywire, and it starts with September 11 2001. If anyone remembers the years after the attacks, the tech sector took a major blow. I got caught in the layoffs from a “job” that I loved and where could see the next big things in entertainment and computers (VR) coming. Even programmers got the boot back then, and I lost my way right then and there. From there I tried to keep up with my passion, but it didn’t pay the bills, so I have to do what I had to do. I never fully recovered from these days, and we now how fast tech moves. You keep up with it, or be outdated in as fast as a year's time. I dream of finding the right people to mingle with so that perhaps we could make all the team parts fit, but it’s hard to find in the matrix. Too many people are perfectly content with being enslaved to a 9–5. I still am not, never have been, and I see this time as my relearning and discovery period. I’ve got to be ready when the stars align in my favor again. So a charting is in order. Peace.

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