• Entrepreneur at Neonex Technology

• Has more than 10 years of experience as an Educationist and Lecturer, 5 Years in the journey of Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Speaker, and Research Scholar having over 32 Intellectual Properties under his belt

• Masters in Computer Science Engineering

• Excellent Interpersonal skills, outstanding problem solving and decision making skills

Karamvir Singh Rajpal has asserted, “Even the relatively privileged people are unable to reach the basic technologies and parameters; hence Neonex Technology comes up with the array of innovations in the backdrop of Industry 4.0”

He further added — “We have invested most of the resources in product research and innovation and soon to scale up rapidly and make India the self-sufficient nation in handling such Disaster Management pandemic with full preparedness in near future with the greatest vigilance and surveillance”.

He is already in talks across different Department, Ministry and Foundations to take eco-friendly solutions accessible for both business and consumers. He is confident of offering disruptive solutions to restore the broken backbone of India. He has also been approached by some well-known industrial players as his products are already fundamentally and scientifically validated and have also received laurels. His hardware solutions in many aspects are indigenous and adhered with standard practices and are priced at affordable price bracket. With this Karamvir Singh Rajpal kick started a breakthrough journey by being Social Entrepreneur without support of External Funding and Huge Capital.


During the lockdown period, Karamvir Singh Rajpal hailing from Mohali, an Entrepreneur, Educator, Research Scholar, Author and Innovator at Neonex Technology along with his scientific team has been busy round the clock and has come up with array of innovative solutions to fight against the pandemic outbreak of COVID 2019.

Some of the solutions are

  1. App based Tracking System
  2. Sanitizer Chamber System
  3. Crowd Management System
  4. Thermometer
  5. Fleet Management System
  6. Edtech System
  7. Touch free attendance system

PROBLEM STATEMENT: As we all are facing the turmoil and certainly civilization has been badly affected. However some preventive measures can be taken to exercise the damage control.

OBJECTIVE: Utilizing the theme of Social Distance by blending with the Emerging Technologies & Industry 4.0 theme to the fullest

SCOPE: To stabilize the doomed economy to some extent and restore the productivity, connectivity of workflow in every walks of industry and consumer life

SOLUTIONS: Pocket Sized Computer, Visitor Management System, Crowd Management System , Smart Logistics cum Fleet Management Solution, Digital Test Series, Online Consultancy for Better Career growth

TECHNOLOGIES USED: IoT, Cloud Telephony, PLC & Automation, Data Science, Open Source, RFID

PRODUCT AND PLATFORMS: PortoCafe PLX, JauntBee, MRAW, SCODEL, Inspexre, Radino Costate

PortoCafe PLX

¨ Description : Plug n Play PC and BYOD System where one can create the workplace anywhere on the go especially at the testing times of pandemic outbreak 2019 — nCov

¨ Attractively priced at affordable range of INR 8800 (Lite Edition) | INR 12000 (Standard Edition) | INR 15500 (Pro Edition)

¨ Opportunities | Target Areas | Segmentation | Positioning for Edtech Segment seeking to have meaningful Android apps and e-books directly on the storage to minimize the physical interaction or community interaction. Hence encouraging the Social Distance theme to the fullest.

¨ Availability at Sector 82, Direct Factory situated at Mohali and Online Customer Service available at an Official Facebook Page

¨ It is adhered with Safety Standards especially of Kids as the material used is of the High Grade Quality. We are not deploying the use of China made electronic architecture.

¨ As PCs and Mobiles radiate high frequency and spectrum of electromagnetic waves which causes gradually harm to well-being, hence PLX encourages the Offline Content Browsing which is specifically tailored for the Industry segment.


· PortoCafe PLX when procured by Enterprises and Business for their employees to work from home, we will be offering standard dress code of the organization as an option at quite reasonable price bracket.

· PortoCafe PLX can also be useful in academics sector especially when Social Distance of atleast 1 meter between 2 peers is recommended. So in colleges, universities, institutes, if a student doesn’t come on a regular basis then pre bundled content can be offered

· As it can be foreseen at Health Care Sector, Doctors might be utilizing their resources and giving priorities to fight against the pandemic COVID 2019. So acute disease based patients might to suffer to some extent.

· Entertainment industry has already incurred the loss of over INR 300 crores since mid-March 2020. Even people who might be preferring OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and alike will be saving their internet bandwidth for Work From Home purpose primarily. So for that recommended platform PLX can be seen as the recommended platform for showcasing Small Budget Movies. Movie producers of small scale budget movies will be seeing the sigh of relief to avail relatively significant benefits. At the same time this disruptive move will also be seen to curtail the Movie Piracy scenario.


¨ Description : Meant for Human Logistics, Safety and Security purpose especially at the testing times of pandemic outbreak of 2019 — nCov

¨ App is Free of Cost for Lifetime, No login required, Ad Free.

¨ Opportunities | Target Areas | Segmentation | Positioning for Logistics, Seamless one to one connectivity

¨ As of now, an app is available at an official website www.neonex.in/jauntbee However Neonex Technology is also open to list it at the GoI’s associated websites and platforms.

¨ It aims to raise emergency during SMS. Also it allows you to call the nearest police stations even without Internet usage.

¨ We have other entities under JauntBee brand namely JauntBee Axis which is recommended options for Academicians, Research Scholars, Technocrats. The Digital version carries some price. JauntBee Native Drive is a Crowd Management Solution. JauntBee Thermostat is a thermometer which is built on the set of affordable technologies and priced at affordable rate.

¨ The product can be sold via networking to corporates, end clients and affiliated marketing techniques via Coupons.

· Theme — “Enhancing connectivity with Police, Doctors and Administration “

· Adding all emergency contacts in the app, then share it by pressing SOS

· In case of such tension and uneasiness, no consumer needs ad philosophy to pop up especially when having security and safety are to be adhered with having life’s basics first

· JauntBee News has recently arrived to stay updated its digitally connected citizens about the concern of safety and security in global arena. The platform can be accessed from www.neonex.in/jauntbee


¨ Theme — “Keeping a track on internal planning among competent authority peers”

¨ At times of turmoil, enough resources seem to be residual by seeing the huge gap between Demand and Supply. The all in one solution comes into play by offering Budget Planning, Key notes to be taken and shared among confidential peers.

¨ It enables someone’s planning or self’s earlier piece of work to be stored in the form of screenshot taken for the further reference study.

¨ For Security Reasons, the technical mechanism has been developed to destroy the data maintained by simply Logging Out. This feature is almost equivalent to Incognito Mode generally found in most of the web browsers.

¨ To maintain your ongoing Research Work & Findings intact, just close down the app and resume on the next run

¨ App is Free of Cost for Lifetime, Ad Free

¨ Other variants are MRAW Ext and MRAW Native Drive which carries some price.

¨ As of now, an app is available at an official website www.neonex.in/mraw.app


¨ Product classified as — Sanitization Chamber System

¨ Description — Inside a closed chamber, the building, located at the entrance to any community, specific physical existence, workplace looks like a small pipe, is fitted with a blower mounted to the ceiling. Sprinkles a cleaner. The sanitizing facility greatly decreases the virus ‘effectiveness, and disinfects health workers who need to go into the isolation wards. Such tunnels may be useful for vast numbers of people to clean until they reach shopping centers, workplaces and school premises

¨ Person on entering the Sanitization Chamber can enter and stay for 30–60 seconds depending upon the requirements and hailing from demographics, with the temperature upto 50 Degrees Celsius allowable

¨ Different types of chemical can be used according to specific requirement

¨ Automatic digitally controlled device

¨ Can be used to disinfect the person as a whole in general with full dress before entering to any clean place or building

¨ Tunnel shaped zone

¨ Fiber body

¨ Eco friendly chemicals are used

¨ Height : 7 feet | Width : 4 feet | Length : 4 feet

¨ Height : 7 feet | Width : 4 feet | Length : 7 feet

¨ Maximum temperature for washing the person : 50 Degree Celsius

¨ Availability on: Preorder only

SCODEL, an edtech arm of Neonex Technology is to revolutionize the way where a perfect Blend of Education and Technology is ought to nurture the deserving pool of talent and Nation Building Format. The edtech system is based on our Copyrighted work NGEP. It is based on Industry 4.0 and STEM based Education. An Edtech System includes programs like Digital Center of Excellence, E-Learning, Distance Learning, Online Career Counseling, Touch Free Attendance System, Online Test Series, etc.

i.) In any package, Neonex Technology offers Social Media posts for free of cost. Main beneficiaries will be unstructured market, small shops, small factories, small schools, semi structured market, any business or organization which has the least or no digital presence.

ii.) Neonex Technology is also open to consider offering its edtech solutions for Reskilling with Soft Skills and Latest Technologies along with Hands on Practices and Experience for Free of Cost.

Best Regards,



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