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Great deal for the Rockets.

For all the “there’s only one ball” talk, the reason that Harden was so ball-dominant is because there wasn’t an alternative last year. There’s not reason why you can’t have two great ball-handling guards on a team, especially when they might also be two of the best passers in the game as well.

Another reason why this is getting overblown. Chris Paul is already used to playing with a ball-hawking star (Blake Griffin) and Beverley was actually playing an Paul-lite offensive role last year. Paul-Harden will probably mesh better than Paul-Griffin did.

There is the question of who will make the “clutch” plays at the end of the game. If they don’t just take the “hot hand” approach by money is on Harden, with Paul running around some off-ball screens to try to mess up the defense.

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