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Localize your iOS and Android App with Native Studio

We’ve released an 1.7.5 (283) update to Native Studio (the app itself is called Neonto Studio Pro). This update adds an awesome feature for app localization. It’s now possible to change app’s language “on the fly” based on the Data slot value.

Check out the YouTube video where we add English, Finnish and Swedish translation to a simple “hockey quote” demo app.

Download the example project seen in the video from here.

Localization sheet and Runtime Language setting.

1. Add Data slot for Language selection

Each project contains a localization sheet. By default the current language is set to “Automatic,” which means that the user’s language is detected from OS.

If you want to change the app’s language “on the fly,” you can add Data slot that keeps track of the current Language code (Just remember to use ISO 639–2 codes for the language names. (iOS and Android should be able to handle ISO-639–2/3 standards too.).

Neonto generates unique localization key for each element.

Each element added to the screen will get an unique localization Key. You can change the Key or leave it as it is. Neonto uses this key in localization Sheet for matching the translations to elements.

Translations are kept in Localization sheet

Open the Localization Key by double clicking it in Project map. By default there’s just one language (en). Add languages simply by adding new column and name it with Language code (e.g. “fi”, “se”, “es”) and then add translations directly in the sheet.

Note that you can also translate the app in the design canvas. Just select the “Editable language” from Localization sheet node in Project map and edit the content directly in Design canvas.

Update the Data slot value with a button click to change the app language “on the fly”

Finally you need to add some buttons to change the language. Use “Save/Send” interaction for changing the Language Data slot value. Following the setting in the screenshot above, you can let your app users switch the language of the content to “English” as they tap the “English” button.

Download Native Studio from and start your trial today!

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