Minor update to Native Studio is out now

We’ve released a minor update (version 1.7.6, build 286) to Native Studio. Update should come up automatically when you open the app. If you haven’t installed the app download it from here www.neonto.com/nativestudio and start your 14 day trial.

Whats new

  • Control Button border and background colors from data slot (iOS). Store the colour to Data slot in “#RRGGBBAA” format.
Set button colour through Data slot
  • Android project file override settings (App Settings -block->Misc settings)
Android Project file settings
  • Added new shortcut to exit the content editing mode (double click on inactive area)
Double click the canvas to exit vector/content editing mode
  • Fixed localization issue when using custom nav bar buttons
  • Fixed iOS data binding issues when using lists and data sheets.
  • Minor UI tweaks here and there

Download Native Studio from www.neonto.com/nativestudio