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Apr 12, 2018 · 4 min read

The Neoplay crowdsale will begin on May 5th, 2018, 8:00 PM UTC. You can contribute to the crowdsale using ETH or NEO. The crowdsale will last 4 weeks or until the hard cap is reached. This post will explain how to properly contribute using Ether or NEO, regardless of if you already have a crypto wallet. This guide is written for those who are newer and want a comprehensive explanation on how to contribute to the Neoplay crowdsale.

How to Participate in the Neoplay Crowdsale

Contributing to the Neoplay crowdsale can be made easy, you can choose to own a supported Ethereum wallet and Ether (ETH) OR a supported NEO wallet and (NEO). ETH and NEO are the only currencies accepted for this crowdsale.

Never send Ether or NEO from an exchange. You need to own the private keys to the wallet you are sending from. You need to first create and transfer the currency from the exchange’s wallet into your own wallet for us to credit you with NPLAY & EPLAY (Neoplay’s native tokens).

Contributing with Ether (ETH)

Participating with Ether (ETH) is easy and straightforward. You will first need to have a Neoplay supported Ether wallet. Supported Ethereum wallets include MyEtherWallet (online), Parity (desktop), and Mist (desktop). New cryptocurrency users should use MyEtherWallet since it is the easiest to use.

Contributing using MyEtherWallet

This is arguably the easiest way to contribute Ether (ETH) to the Neoplay crowdsale. It is also a simple way of storing Neoplay’s native tokens. The wallet you contribute with will be the same wallet Neoplay sends tokens too. This is why holding your private keys safe and contributing from your own wallet (not an exchange) is critical.

Caution: Many malicious websites will try and trick you into thinking you are on MyEtherWallet. Always double check to make sure you are on the correct site. Never click a link linking to MyEtherWallet or any other wallet. Always type in the URL yourself: [] and then bookmark it.

1. Begin by creating your MyEtherWallet and backing up your private key/storing it somewhere safe.

2. “withdraw” any purchased Ether (ETH) from an exchange into your new wallet’s public address and make sure your wallet receives the ETH (this may take some time).

3. Once your wallet has received the ETH you should have all of your wallet details loaded up (we recommend having your wallet loaded up with ETH before participating in our crowdsale).

4. In the “To Address” field, copy paste our exact ETH crowdsale address found by clicking the “contribute with ETH” button on our crowdsale at, Because you are sending ETH you need to send it to the ETH crowdsale address.

Optional: You can verify our crowdsale address with After pasting the address and clicking verify, the following information should be displayed “Neoplay” and “”. Now you can send your currency with confidence.

5. In the “Amount to Send”, input the amount of ETH you would like to contribute, keep in mind the bonus + base rate. You will receive both NPLAY and EPLAY tokens

6. In the “Gas Limit” field, enter a higher number (180,000 to 230,000) if you want to get in before others.

7. In the top right, adjust the “Gas Price” to be higher if you want your transaction to go quicker. Higher “Gas Price” in Gwei = faster transactions!

8. Finally, you can click “Generate Transaction” near the bottom. Verify that all your details are correct and send the transaction.

9. Congratulations, you will now receive the appropriate amount of NPLAY and EPLAY tokens given the amount of ETH contributed and the early bonus rate. All tokens sent to crowdsale contributors will be unlocked. This means they can be freely traded the moment you receive them.

10. To instruct MyEtherWallet to display your new tokens, click “Add Custom Token” and input the information from the configuring the NPLAY and EPLAY tokens section below.

Contributing With Other Ethereum Wallets

The process shouldn’t be much different. Remember to send the ETH to the correct crowdsale contract address and have a high enough transaction fee.

Configuring the NPLAY and EPLAY tokens

Configure NPLAY

Token Address: 0x72eff9e6d24e9078a87f51e569ad5560bfb3fd40

Symbol: NPLAY

Decimals: 4

Configure EPLAY

Token Address: 0x895bf7ba386382141a53c65e8ac2b16769f7c811

Symbol: EPLAY

Decimals: 4

Contributing With NEO

NEO contributions must be sent to the NEO crowdsale address and NOT the ETH crowdsale address. Sending your NEO to the wrong address will result in the loss of your NEO. You can verify the NEO crowdsale address using

NEO contributions will require users to sign their transactions with their ERC20 wallet address so the Neoplay team can correctly distribute and credit NPLAY and EPLAY tokens.

The NPLAY and EPLAY tokens are initialized as ERC20 for ease of distribution from Neoplay and between investors. Reminder: NPLAY tokens will be converted once the NEO smart contract is deployed in Q2 2018.

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