Carnival or career fair? Clean Water Fest is the best of both worlds.

Open house offers glimpse into the jobs, experiences no career fair could ever capture

There’s no easy way to showcase more than 200 different job titles, career adventures or work experiences in a single day.

Or is there?

Our upcoming Clean Water Fest and open house Saturday, September 21 in Cuyahoga Heights, celebrates all things water in a festival atmosphere of games, prizes, tours and more. It also provides a chance to see the real people who are working every day to keep our Great Lake great.

For more than 10 years, we’ve welcomed the public into our facilities to see the often hidden work of wastewater treatment. Can that kind of event really draw a crowd? Nearly 9,000 guests since 2016 will tell you, well, “Yes.”

“It’s great for everyone to come out and see what we actually do,” said Operator Technician Josh Jeffi, speaking at last year’s event that drew more than 3,000 visitors. “It’s not all ninja turtles,” he joked, “a lot of hard work and dedication goes in to keeping everything under the streets in order.”

Tony Reese and the Sewer System Maintenance & Operations team welcome guests to sit in the trucks we use every day.

Field Tech Operator and 26-year employee Tony Reese feels the same way. “We love explaining our work to the public.”

More than 100 employees from every one of our departments staffs booths or guides tours throughout the event. From our lab and operations to even finance and human resources, all departments brings representatives to Clean Water Fest to give guests a true glimpse into the common and uncommon work that makes clean water possible.

In addition, project partners join the celebration to help educate guests about the environmental and personal impacts of our projects and our relationships across the region.

Questions about projects, career opportunities, billing, sewer blockages, and more. Nothing is off the table, Reese said. “We’ve gotten questions about ninja turtles and alligators. We have plenty of stories.”

Consider joining us Saturday, September 21 from 9am until 4pm in Cuyahoga Heights. All are welcome, and you can ask any questions you want.

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