Stop what you’re doing and watch this 1994 Cuyahoga River boat chase scene from “Double Dragon”

The movie bombed but the river was lit as always.

Another anniversary worth celebrating this year: The film Double Dragon turns 25 years old in 2019, as does its epic boat-chase scene that I only recently discovered was filmed on the Cuyahoga River.

Based on a 1987 video game and set in a post-earthquake future California submerged by water, the scene depicts two brothers chased by henchmen seeking a powerful ancient talisman.

Cleveland landmarks, bridges, and river bulkheads are visible throughout. What’s more notable however is that these Hollywood explosions were filmed on the same crooked river that burned for the last time five decades ago this year.

I checked with a member of our team, Senior Investigator Frank Schuschu who has been in our Water Quality & Industrial Surveillance group for years; sadly he has no recollection of the film. (And based on IMDB reviews, he’s not alone.) Sad face emoji.

Of course Cleveland has welcomed more notable Hollywood stars and box-office success since 1994, and we have a connection there, too, as several Captain America: The Winter Soldier scenes were filmed on our grounds in 2012.

The Cuyahoga River comeback and city of Cleveland deserve the spotlight this fiftieth anniversary year. If we have to share it this year with Jimmy and Billy Lee’s twenty-fifth, we’ll take it.

Happy anniversary, Double Dragon.

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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