Super Bowels: From your bathroom to the big game, #SewerBowl covers all the action

How looking at the Super Bowl from the underground up shines light on unseen systems that make it possible

Odds makers love Super Bowls. From this public utility’s perspective, our key words there are “bowls” and “odd.”

For the fourth straight year, we are looking below the surface of football’s biggest game to bring you the infrastructure stories and statistics that help make it possible, carrying our #SewerBowl banner high now through February 7.

“The Super Bowl is an event unlike any other,” said @neorsd’s Constance T. Haqq, Director of Administration and External Affairs. “Water touches every aspect of our lives, and at times like this there are connections that many people never think about.”

How many toilet breaks are taken during the game? How many gallons of beer are consumed at home parties? How many miles of sewers does the host city manage? These are all questions based on the reliability of water and wastewater systems taken for granted and certainly worth covering on a national stage.

Denver Water takes a look at the city’s Super Bowl flush

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are served by Charlotte Water @CLTwater and Denver Water @DenverWater respectively, and both utilities are sharing their own facts about the unseen systems and the water cycle that flows through not just every game, but every day. Add that to the services provided by the Super Bowl host city’s @SFwater and you’ve got yourselves the makings of quite a social-media pro-bowl team.

From Twitter to Instagram to Periscope, the #SewerBowl hashtag tackles the Super Bowl trends with a water-infrastructure flavor, and the odds are that the activity will be worth a follow.

Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 had the biggest audience in television history and was the most tweeted event ever when the final whistle sounded.