Unitycoin,the first coin backed by an international websites networks.

Lucas Crousson
Jan 5, 2018 · 4 min read

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My name is Lucas CROUSSON, CMO of UnityCoin.

I introduce you to the community of this new Altcoin in the digital marketing industry. It’s an optimized tool for anyone who wants to generate revenue online, for any company looking for new customers, and for all advertisers who want to increase the performance of their advertising campaigns.
This new Token uses Ethereum protocol ERC-20 and will serve as a tool for exchange and remuneration for all services generated on our decentralized digital network. Unitycoin is based on real activities established for several years in the field of digital marketing and online opportunities. Its relevance is based on an active community and an international network of websites relating to a multitude of economic sectors. We work on the Blockchain to guarantee the immutability of our business and guarantee our actions by intelligent contract. Unitycoin aims to make digital marketing transparent, efficient and responsive to the needs of our different target markets.


Unitycoin is developed by our digital marketing agency based in Canada. We have been active since 2010 in the market of online opportunities and digital marketing. Our agency develops several dynamic platforms under PHP and a static site network under WordPress CMS. We are leading a network of websites in the Canadian and international markets. Our website range is presented in the “Established Website” and “Platform Under Development” section of this white paper.
Our initial business model is relational marketing and online advertising. Our goal is to connect customers in search of business services in their area. At the same time, we have developed expertise to provide digital services and tools to help our partner-entrepreneurs develop their consumer base. We are really thankful for the great visibility and return brought by affiliate marketing and search engines. We offer digital services presented in the section “Business Services”
Our first mission then evolved based on our goal of representing anyone who wants to generate easy-to-use online revenue solutions tailored to their needs. We have therefore developed a complete set of ready-to-use tools. We called it the “digital franchises”. The purpose of this business model is to provide complete solutions to people who want to start their own business and make money online.
In parallel with the launch of Unitycoin, our first digital currency, we are preparing the launch of our own development agency on the Blockchain which will be presented in early January 2018 during the unveiling of the white paper. As part of this new project, we are working on several innovative concepts in different business sectors that can be radically transformed or enhanced by the use of Blockchain technology.


Our service offering for active members consists mainly of two objectives
1-Provide multiple online revenue sources by offering digital opportunities
2-Provide training to enable active members to increase their performance


The owners are the administrators of static Web sites under WordPress They are addressed to the beginners who manage their first web site. Franchisees, on the other hand, are more experienced administrators who manage a dynamic PHP platform.
In both cases, you are members of the Unitycoin network and benefit from the work and support of an active community to develop your digital project.


As soon as it starts, your static website generates shared advertising revenue through the centralized Adsense account and other advertisers. The more pages you add, the more revenue you generate. Your website is now part of the network of Unitycoin affiliated websites and receives visitors from the community. Being a member of the network will allow you to earn advertising revenue through the navigation and actions of users on your website. One of your main functions is to edit text-picture and video content. As your website expands its content, its number of pages online, the ranking of your website will increase on the search engines. Your website will become your main development tool on your network and in your target market to redirect your prospects in the funnel of the automated conversion of digital marketing. These are the future members who will apply the same strategies that will allow you to generate affiliate revenue on their online activities.



Unitycoin is a Token Ethereum under the protocol ERC-20
Contract address: 0x865a074B77D04A6a04Be3Ac1ba41a089C315551B
Token Ticker: UNT
Decimals: 18
Total supply: 100 million (100 million)
No new tokens will be created
75,000,000 will be distributed to the community
25,000,000 will be made available to investors
Tokens not sold at ICO will be retained by the Unitycoin Foundation and will be progressively made available on the exchange market to provide the liquidity necessary for the development of the network of franchised websites.
The purpose of the symbolic broadcast is to exchange internally through various digital services and in no case to constitute a financial product.

The whole UNITY team wishes you the best in your projects.
Unitycoin, the first currency supported by a network of international sites

Lucas Crousson CMO of UnityCoin