The Tiny Mistake that Kills Companies

In the airline industry the most critical factor is safety. This is such a high-risk business and even the slightest mistake can lead to havoc that may cost many lives. That’s why airline companies, in addition to the government, can’t afford any mistakes. Despite the highest regard for safety, the industry is still susceptible to mishaps. Many aircrafts and lives have been destroyed in devastating accidents. However, there is one thing that makes this industry stand apart. Those in the airline business don’t let any misfortune fade from memory until they find the root cause of the accident and learn from their mistakes.

Each and every airplane comes equipped with a ‘Black Box’ that records everything that happens during the fly time. This black box certainly cannot save that particular crashing plane but it can very well save a lot of other people and other planes. The information that comes from the black box of a destroyed airplane is vigorously shared with other agencies that understand its value. This information is treasured across different companies, countries, and localities.

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