Joining NeoFS test just got easier

We have prepared a demo wallet to simplify work with the NeoFS testnet and automatic distribution of tokens to the user’s address (to use custom wallets).

Wallet use instruction

  • Neo privnet RPC endpoint can be used for custom wallets.
  • Open the NeoFS Testnet Wallet.
  • Open an existing wallet by providing private key/WIF or create a new wallet.
  • Click the “Request tokens” button to get GAS tokens. Before switching to Neo 3.0, the user needs to operate with NEP-5 GAS tokens besides GAS tokens. With the transition to Neo 3.0, only the GAS token will remain.
  • Alternatively, neo-python can be used. The description of how to do that is available here.
  • It is possible to request tokens to the user’s address here in case of a custom wallet.

Deposit NEP-5 GAS to NeoFS

Creating a container is a paid operation. To work with NeoFS, it is necessary to deposit NEP-5 GAS tokens into the NeoFS smart contract in the blockchain.

  • Select the Deposit tab in the NeoFS wallet.
  • Enter the amount of NEP-5 GAS tokens for deposit to NeoFS balance and click the “Deposit” button.


NeoFS CLI source code is available here.

NeoFS CLI can be built from scratch:

NeoFS CLI can be also run inside the docker container.

To get access to data outside the container, the volume has to be added.

For example:

docker run -v /data:/data -it nspccdev/neofs-cli:0.1.17

See file for detailed examples of CLI use.

NeoFS CLI first steps

Set WIF for CLI

bash-5.0# neofs-cli set key <WIF>

Set NeoFS endpoint

bash-5.0# neofs-cli set host <Host:Port>

All active public endpoints can be found here.

Check balance

bash-5.0# neofs-cli accounting balance

NEP-5 tokens have to be sent by the `Deposit` invocation of a smart contract from the wallet before.

Create container

bash-5.0# neofs-cli container put --rule ‘SELECT 3 Node’

Upload object into container

bash-5.0# neofs-cli object put --cid <container ID> --file </path/to/file>

Create storage group

bash-5.0# neofs-cli sg put --cid <container ID> --oid <object ID>

Any number of object IDs can be added to the storage group creation command.

Get object

bash-5.0# neofs-cli object get --cid <container ID> --file </path/to/out/file>

Open object via HTTP gate in a browser<container_ID>/<object ID>

Additional information is available in the GitHub HowTo file.

NeoFS Testnet status is available here.

During the test, we are collecting network metrics and feedback from participants which will help to improve the developed system.

Your feedback to is important for us.

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