NeoFS CLI goes open source

NSPCC continues to work on the distributed decentralized object storage NeoFS. We have already launched the testnet and Send.NeoFS as an example of a real-world application that can be built on top of NeoFS platform. Right now we are collecting metrics and testing storage and network subsystems — core parts of NeoFS. User’s feedback is very appreciated, thank you for all your emails and comments!

Now we are happy to present you the source code of NeoFS CLI application and NeoFS Proto library for integration with NeoFS.


NeoFS CLI source code available at

NeoFS CLI application allows you to work with NeoFS via any NeoFS node. Every node in the NeoFS network works as the gateway. You are able to do all basic operations with NeoFS CLI: create a container, push the object, create storage group, look for the balance, etc.

You can build NeoFS CLI from scratch:

You can also run NeoFS CLI inside docker container:

Look to the file for detailed examples of usage.

NeoFS Proto

NeoFS Proto source code available at

NeoFS Proto is a library that provides core structures and services for NeoFS node application. It contains 13 packages with protobuf definitions and wrappers around it. It also provides brief documentation on core structures and functions. This way you can integrate your applications directly with NeoFS avoiding any protocol gates.

NeoFS CLI and Send.NeoFS are great examples of how you build and integrate your application with NeoFS by using NeoFS Proto library.

We will continue to publish NeoFS components as we test and complete the development of NeoFS Node. Stay tuned!

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