Dear Elites.

We are divided, you and me. 
Our misunderstanding is not about what is happening in India now. The misunderstanding is at the very root: The darkness of the last 70 years, on how we are educated and what is happening in reality for the past so many decades. Unless we shed light on that, it’s futile to argue on stuff like for example, if Modi is good or bad. Your mind is made up already on that topic, so whatever I say will not shift your thinking.

I was like you only, until one day I got out of the matrix.

You are living in an imagined reality, which is cultivated and grown by your peers, the media and your own echo chamber, which does not allow any outsider, just like you do not allow a begger to roam around in your house.

I will not go into examples of how good Modi is or how bad Mayawati is. Or how manipulative political parties including the BJP are, because strangely enough even that is irrelevant. The most basic discussion that anyone should have first is that you are being misguided by the media, which don’t tell you:
The real conditions of the 99% of indians.
How Modi is actually helping and empowering the poor and how the elites hate that. 
The distorted picture you have in your mind, again fed by an elite echo chamber.
How you choose to ignore whatever does not interest you

The elites have had a different kind of world experience and education. They travel and read books, but do they really know how a majority of poor India lives? NO.

You focus on how narcissistic Modi is because that is what is talked about and made fun of, and social media gets attracted to such stories more. As an example, more elites will watch Splitsvilla than some informative show on agriculture, because Splitsvilla will be infinitely more engaging/interesting.

The more you understand and the more you realize this, you mind will start to shift towards the other reality, but you will resist. You will find it easier to ignore my words, and save your mind from going through this shift. Your reality is what you are, and now that is your identity. This identity has been made with decades of cultivation. You have invested a lot. You cannot leave your own identity now, so it's much easier to shut me off. It keeps you in your imagined reality.

It's almost like the Matrix, where the truth is so earth-shaking and the reality so different, that many choose to stay in their fake, imagined reality out of sheer habit and due to the investments made in their identity.

At the end of the day you are enjoying your lifestyle, travelling, dining, and shopping in malls, going for long drives and off road trips in your SUV. All the hulla bulla does not effect you much. A few months ago, one of the many decisions did pinch you, when your currency notes became useless, that really shook you, and your peers, right? That was an earthquake. You pretended it’s because the poor are suffering, but no, you don’t want a chai-wala to interfere with your elite lifestyle. Let him take care of the poor the old fashioned way, by giving them free stuff and taking their votes. He should not try radical measures that even remotely effect how you live. Your comfort bubble should be intact. And your lifestyle is sacred, nothing should touch you, and your business. You just wanna enjoy life, earn money, avoid taxes, go to the best hospitals for your ailments. The millions of poor around you, only show up on your window occasionally, on a traffic light, or in a cover story of a magazine. That’s the 3 foot length you always wanna keep. After all you are the privileged. You have had a rich upbringing, were born with a silver spoon, got educated in a good school and college, so you deserve all things beautiful, right?

Along comes a fake chai wala to rule over you and you lose your minds! That prick! How dare he burst your bubble!

That bubble is the reason you hate Modi. If i am attempting to burst that bubble, you will fight back, because no doubt it is very comfortable!

There is an imperialist, caste based mindset, that divides us even further. There is blind love for people who are highly educated from the best schools in the world, who live in Lutyens Delhi or in London. Things happening in Bihar or UP are okay but if those same things happen to the elites, it’s big news. A certain celebrity gives a statement on social media and all the rapes and murders are forgotten, and the shameless media plays along, adding fuel to the trivial discussion which is sprayed with high vocabulary words to make it seem very important. Is it so important what Karan Johar or Alia Bhatt said? Why? They are only using people like you to further their agenda. The media portrays these select few royalty men and women as if they are the new Gods, and the elites, they strive to become them.

My call to all the elites in India is to wake the fuck up and burst your bubble, which are distorting everything around you as well. You will disagree with everything I wrote above, and that is the whole point. If you agreed, then there would have been no divide.

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