Donald Trump is going to inaugurate World War 3

Today is 21st March 2016. Just to let you know the date…

There seems nothing new in the above headline, but it crystallizes what is going to happen by 2020.

Another twist is that I support Donald Trump.


So why would a fan, a supporter, say that President Trump will kick off World War 3? The reason is that WW3 has unofficially already started. President Trump will just give it a ribbon cutting ceremony. Wake up guys, take a look around you. Do I have to name the countries at war right now, to tell you that a dry run is already going on?

So, just to clear it further, I really do love President Trumps hypnotizing skills. I want him to be President of the United States Of America.

But as I know he will be Prez, I also have put a prediction today that he will kick off World War 3.

It’s going to be very interesting, to say the least.


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