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Last year we spent 15 Ecommerce Trends for 2015. This year we look forward to what we in 2016 in the field of e-commerce awaits.

The year 2016 is when it comes to e-commerce is dedicated to customer experience. The race to the bottom by record low prices has many (web) shops emaciated in recent years.

Now what attracts the economy creates room for investments. Webs hops and sensible to invest in a distinctive customer experience .

Obviously discounters continue to play an important role as we continue all together very price conscious. But ease friction unemployment and help a pleasant online shopping experience to consumers in 2016, less price sensitive.

These were the 15 trends we anticipated last year:

1. Mobile becomes the norm. Is true. Think ‘ Mobilegeddon . Still very topical.
2. Speed even more important. Is true, but it is not doing it . Still very timely.
3. Content marketing is important for retailers. If true , such as evidenced by the success of Travelbird.
4. Hyper-personalization. Still date.
5. Less is more. Still date.
6. Delivery without worries. Still date and for 2016 also one of the important trends.
7. The magic happens where converge online and offline. Now in full swing, as is clear from this article Twinkle .
8. Pay without difficulty. Friction Loos Checkout is still very topical and therefore one of the most important trends for 2016.
9. Intelligent retargetting. Very topical, and much needed, because consumers complain bitterly about ‘stupid’ retargetting banners that follow them everywhere.
10. Video sells. Very timely. The arrival of new live video apps like Meerkat, Periscope and recently Blab and Facebook Mentions will have an impact on e-commerce.
11. The consumer has the power. This will in 2016 only increasing, hence the theme for 2016 customer experience.
12. Social shopping. Still to date, but the wait is a real killer app.
13. SEO takes on a whole new meaning still topical, as is also true for SEO in 2016: “ The user goes, the rest will follow .”
14. Traditional retailers are gaining ground. Certainly comes out. Multi-channel is hot .
15. Wallet on your wrist. In 2015, we saw the arrival of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. The impact on e-commerce is still not impressive. This trend still leaves something coming.

The main e-commerce trends for 2016
Online sales continue to rise even in 2016 so venture need to hire dedicated online marketing service provider. According to a survey by Forrester will take place for 9% of all online purchases in 2016 in the US. Moreover, the average online consumer will also spend more money online in 2016. Some 44% more than in 2012.

Reasons for this are, according to the Forrester study among other things that retailers have improved their websites significantly, more and more e-tailers bets on content marketing and better use their mailing lists .
Among the major e-commerce trends for 2016, the emphasis is on further improving the customer experience.

  1. Mobile optimization is not a trend but a necessity
    Last year was the first trend that we called ‘mobile becomes the norm. “ That obviously applies for 2016 and subsequent years.
    An optimum mobile user experience you should come as no trend as more on 2016, but an absolute necessity.
    That is why I mention it here, because without a good, responsive shop, you have guaranteed in 2016 it inspected.
    Is your shop responsive, it may be worthwhile to optimize further in 2016 by the shop also “ adaptive to make.” He then does not only adapts to the screen size of a hardware device, but also of the other possibilities that the device and the speed of the connection.
  2. Advanced search capabilities
    Especially shops with a wide range of products do well for 2016 to their on-site search carefully the shovel.
    Customers are in fact become accustomed to the ever- smarter getting search capabilities of Google.
    An advanced search capability within your web store helps visitors quickly find the right products, especially smartphones. In addition, a good search function also ensures a higher conversion .
    An on-site search engine contains the year 2016 as well, the following functionalities:
    • Rich content . Ie images in search results.
    • Auto-complete . After a few letters makes the search engine to see all possible searches. Especially very nice for visitors on smartphones.
    • Smart search filters for more complex searches.
    • Location Based (Mobile).
    • Division into clear categories .
    • Tolerance for misspellings .
    • Understanding synonyms .
    Does the search engine in your shop with these requirements? If not, put them on your to-do list for 2016
  3. Content marketing
    Content marketing is certainly not a new trend, but many e-commerce companies do not use yet.
    In 2016, content marketing is actually indispensable for the effectiveness of traditional forms of (interruption) marketing takes off head over head . Consumers are less and less amused. The increasing use of ad blockers makes this more than clear.
    The creation and dissemination of good content as a marketing tool is then the correct answer. Not for nothing, we see that more and more retailers use bloggers, people make nice with their own experiences for the services or products from shops.
  4. Personalization
    The great example of personalized e-commerce is of course Amazon. They have known for years how important it is to learn as much as possible about their customers and the offer should be aligned.
    The technological developments of recent years also allow smaller merchants are able to get to know their customers better and their service should be aligned.
    Personal attention is always a great customer experience.
    If you are able to personalize specific products, you have quite strong trump card for the consumer who is looking for a special experience.
    Personal attention is always a great customer experience. They know good hospitality professionals and owners of local shops a long time.
  5. So do you offer in 2016:
    • Try your customers where possible to make their product themselves online to taste together. Because the more time a customer invests in creating its own unique product.
    • True personalization is not possible, try to imitate it, after giving plenty of choice of sizes, colors or other product features.
    • Obtain the personal preferences of your customers additional information to apply for them at registration. For example, what their favorite color or what sports they practice.
  6. Algorithmic analysis of customer-data
    A nice job for 2016 busier merchants is to get a better picture of their clients.
    Not only who they are, but also how they behave. It opens interesting possibilities to further personalize and thus more to sell them.
    In addition, an algorithmic analysis of customer-data can be particularly useful. As with other forms of analysis, such as A / B and multivariate tests, this only makes sense with great attendance. Otherwise, the data is not reliable enough.
    As a smaller shop, you can choose to work with third parties who do have reliable data have a similar audience.
  7. New forms of delivery
    The big advantage of a physical store is still that you can take directly the product of your choice with. At online stores usually applies a delivery time of at least one day.
    In 2016 we will continue to see more initiatives to close this gap. Thus experiments trendsetter Amazon for a while with delivery by drones.
    Amazon also investigates under the working title ‘On My Way’ ability to deliver through ‘ crowdsourcing ‘. In addition, they keep stocks at local retailers and enable individuals to deliver the packets.
    Also, you could pick up quickly you package yourself at a nearby store. In this way, trying to save Amazon two birds with one stone. Namely a high-speed (same day) delivery and a saving on delivery costs.
  8. Social customer care
    Social commerce has been a few years, a great promise, but is limited from the start. That does not mean that social media are becoming increasingly important for retailers. ie using both physical and online stores social media more and more on their customer service.
    In 2016, we will see that services like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp play a greater role in communicating with prospects and customers. The latter increasingly expect such service is available 24/7. Smart retailers are doing their best in 2016 to satisfy that desire.
  9. Multi-device purchases
    The customer expects in 2016 a serious retailer that is accessible to every conceivable device. Of smartwatch via smartphone, tablet and desktop to television.
    How do you go there as a (web) shop to join in 2016? To a large extent it depends on your financial opportunities. But the least you can do, if you have not already done so, your online store responsive , or mobilizing.

If you want to build a closer relationship with your mobile customers, you can also consider developing native apps which you can further improve the mobile shopping experience. For example, by linking a loyalty program that can earn loyal customers for additional discounts or service.

The world of ecommerce is always changing, so make sure you bookmark the most interesting ecommerce trends for 2016 and forever. It just might save you some cash or push your online business to the next level. Feel free to get in touch at support@neovix.com or https://www.neovix.com/contact-us/. Our team will contact you within 24 working hours.

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