NeoWorld Project Celebrated its One-Year Anniversary, Clearer Vision Ahead

Jun 27 · 3 min read

The NeoWorld Project was launched on 22 June 2018 and last weekend, the project had successfully operated for an entire year. Over 50 players have gathered together to celebrate this occasion.

With over 50,000 residents from 50 countries, a self-governing ecosystem, a user-generated content mechanism and an independent virtual currency, NeoWorld is an unprecedented new breed of game, combing business simulations, real-time interactive strategies and cryptocurrency.

During the celebration, CEO and producer of the NeoWorld project delivered a speech on the future roadmap of NeoWorld. He emphasized that NeoWorld now has a much clearer vision and a very detailed execution plan, after the project had moved forward in leaps and bounds over last one year. The team, as well as the community, has grown significantly, in term of knowledge of managing a virtual society and understanding of cryptocurrency. “NeoWorld project started as a game but we know today that it is more than a game. It is a virtual world that is real enough for everyone.” Terence defined the NeoWorld project to be larger than game and urged the team and community to think bigger.

NeoWorld’s communities are pioneer enthusiasts of the concept of a self-ruling virtual world. One of the leading guild in the NeoWorld, TOP Player Guild, was formed at the early stage of NeoWorld and witnessed the growth of NeoWorld. TOP Player Guild was inspired by the movie Ready Player One, a science-fiction movie about virtual world and its interaction with real society. The guild has undertaken many tasks in assisting the NeoWorld project to grow, including marketing and promotion, global expansion, orgainising elections, offline meet-ups, etc.

The anniversary celebration event, for instance, was organized by the TOP Player guild, with concerted efforts from over ten members. Event tickets were pre-sold, in the game, using in-game currency NeoWorld Cash, to cover the event expenses, souvenirs and prizes. Other players from the community contributed to the event by organizing live broadcasting the event online, publishing anniversary themed products, making music videos and contacting media for coverage.

“We are trying to prove that the NeoWorld community has the spirit to work collaboratively, not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world,” said the Chairman of Top Player Guild, Mr. Hansen. “Working together on the basis of a virtual world today is a small step, but it is a significant step in demonstrating how people could organize resources and work together beyond old social framework.”

Other good news during the first year anniversary included COO Kane’s report on the successful opening of the Vietnam office and the mobile version progress update by the Chief Architect Jian Ying, who joined NeoWorld recently from his previous position as a technology lead of a top five public blockchain. For celebration in the virtual world, lucky draws, in-game competitions and auction of racing cars were launched on the same day.

Being the largest and most successful blockchain-powered game for the Chinese speaking community, NeoWorld is now set to replicate its success in other countries, with Korea and Vietnam selected as pioneer fields.


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NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain.

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