NeoWorld Weekly Progress Report(2019.4.29–2019.5.5)

1. Product Developments and Research Progress

1) NeoWorld scheduled hot upgrade on 30 April, added Labour Day campaign.

2) NeoWorld had hot upgrade on 5 May, fixed bug related to voting for newly added candidates of NeoWorld Ecosystem Building Committee.

3) Recently development efforts will be focusing on:

l Ontology island development, get ready for official opening of the virtual island on 8 May

l Continuing to develop the in-game beginner guide

l Planning the migration of NEOLAND and ONTLAND transactional data on the NEO and ONT chain respectively

l Battle mode optimization

2. Business Development and Marketing Activities

1) On 29 Apr, IOST announced its partnership with NeoWorld,bringing IOSTLand, a blockchain virtual world built by users, to IOST community members. IOST Land is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.

2) On 30 Apr, land auction of ONTLand Zone 1 concluded perfectly, 315 pieces of land are sold out, total proceed from the sales is 28,712.4 ONT, and the highest price tag for a single land reach 2,500 ONT, approximately 2,750 USD, a historical high price.

3) Last week, NeoWorld team had talks with several content creator companies, including CryptoMotors (, a company mainly create customized VR car models for BMW, Benz and etc. Initial collaboration ideas were exchanged on bringing the wonderful 3rd party contents into NeoWorld. The team also had communication with some professional content generating companies like, ibix, and etc on potential collaboration.

4) European blockchain game event management company Cryptogames.event is interested to hold a global crypto game event in Asia. NeoWorld team had a discussion with them and share our views on Asian markets.

5) NeoWorld and Maximine public chain team had discussion of potential collaboration on virtual island.

6) Recently, NeoWorld had been listed on more and more industry media, including:





7) ONTLand Zone 1 is launching on 8 May, NeoWorld and Ontology held a series of marketing events. Such as receiving gift pack upon registration, getting rewards for inviting your friends, pre-sale of ORO, etc.

3 Community Developments

1) Till 2019.5.5, NeoWorld’s social media channels’ data are as follows (excluding non-official channel data):

Weibo: 108 (↑0)

Bihu: 1475 (↑3)


QQ official chat channel: 2408(↓18)

WeChat official chat channel: 2143(↓19)

WeChat public platform account: 13067(↑55)

There are some great progresses in building up the community overseas. We encourage all community members to join the official telegram group, helping us to build the international community.

2) Recently, NeoWorld have been moving towards Community Autonomous Organization, some achievements including:

l A number of application letters were received for NeoWorld Ambassador, some are from overseas. We are going through the selection process at the moment.

l The core organization of NeoWorld Ecosystem building plan: NeoWorld Ecosystem Building committee, has entered into voting phase, it will ended in the afternoon of 7 May. All NEST holders are encouraged to vote.

3) Last week, we have received earnest community support, including the following contents voluntarily contributed by community members:

l 13 articles published via WeChat public platform official accounts with a total readership of 2551, an increase of 81.8% compare to last week’s figure.

l 16 articles voluntarily published via community member’s Bihu account, with a total of 4676 “good” reviews, and an increase of 33.6% compare to last week’s figure.

Recommend readings:

l “Withdraw limit on NASH imposed in NeoWorld” explained (

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l The essence of NeoWorld Token holder (

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4 Team Developments

1) New team member

l A back-end intern joined

l A senior PHP developer is joining soon

2) Recent recruitment need

To facilitate the coming international expansion, the NeoWorld team has been actively recruiting community management and business development manager located in Vietnam. Please refer to related announcement for JD.

Please send us your resume or refer a friend: .

5 Ask NeoWorld

From this week onwards, we invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select not more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 8 May.

Question Rewards:

10,000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50,000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

Game ID: xxxxxx

My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx