Proof: Arcade City is a Scam
Ivan Chen-O'Neill

Chris may have had some failed ventures as this guy likes to point out. We all do. I invested in Arcade city almost a year ago when these things were still debated on Reddit. I invested in Arcade city nevertheless because Chris was onto something here. Arcade city will succeed. Chris is a great community organizer, he can get otherwise disinterested community engaged and moving. It’s been a pleasure working with him. Yes we have struggled with some aggressive deadlines! I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, but he has done a great job building the community and the app. Today we have a team of core developers, 40K riders/drivers in Austin and solidity experts that are building Arcade city. Furthermore, Arcade city is building a decentralized(DAO) ridesharing platform with lots of stakeholders. DAO will be making decision on how money is spent, how development initiatives will ensue etc, etc. This DAO therefore belongs to people. This is what we’re building. I suggest that Ivan settle his dispute with Chris privately and stop spreading Fear/Uncertainty and Doubt. I suggest that if he want’s to make a real change here he too can join the DAO movement and ensures that it succeeds. It’s easy to complain but it’s something else to “DO”.

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