Enjoy the path

As a society full of “must do” at a certain age, the pressure is big, what I have done all my life is going against this belief. No matter what you do, is never enough for the rest of the people.

I always had this feeling of no belong to conventional education or society thought, why the teacher had the last word? why life has to have this structure to consider you a winner? whys and whys get to my mind every time I was in a class or in a sudden moment, I don’t know if it’s right or not, but for me works and in many ways has made me happy. At the start, I felt like a loser, failed, but then again I learned the most incredible lesson of my life, I discover the self-learning and since then I never look back again.

I started learning English, here is where I discover one of my long list of passions, languages. I never stop trying anything, just keep going, no matter how hard and ugly the road became.

A couple of months ago I met someone that introduce me to a magical world, coding. I have always loved the tech world, I lived earning money from this without having studied in any academy, but this was different, it blows my mind since the very first code line that I made, I got caught.

Less than a month a bad experience almost kept that from me, the love that I found at making this lines, I felt bad, depression and disappointment almost take it away from me what I have fought so hard to learn this year. But I found the strength in my weakness. Now I’m again on the game at MUKTEK Academy, starting all over again, so LET’S DO THIS!

Just to close this little chapter and the main point of all these thoughts, although it sounds trite as if taken from a self-help book “NEVER GIVE UP” and most important never stop believing in yourself, cause at the end you only have you, and you are the most important person in your life.

Thanks for reading.