Why are Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)?
Tom X Hart

This is the best-written article on MGTOW I’ve come across, insofar as its honesty, but your perspective is stilted by traditionalist thinking. Symmetry between the sexes? Please… wait until a woman accuses you of harassment and then entertain us with tales of all the legal symmetry you discover. /s

I’d go on, but TFM already deconstructed (i.e. raped) this article nicely in his latest video:

In short, it’s not that we don’t want to play — it’s that the system has been crafted to remove most of the rewards for playing, while doing nothing to mitigate the risk (women, on the other hand, have been recipients of the converse — there’s your symmetry for you.) Someday, with a little more research on modern life and a dash of effort, you’ll get there.

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