What Being ‘Pro-Life’ Really Looks Like

And how you can Save the Storks

Andrew Taynor
Mar 7 · 4 min read
photo via savethestorks.com

The issue of abortion has been a hot topic for decades now, often used as a political tool. The decision of being pro-life or pro-choice has divided many in this nation. Christians have long supported pro-life, believing that every baby is a gift from God and life starts at the first heart-beat or before. Christians have also been criticized, and I think rightfully so, for only caring about women not choosing to abort, but then not caring about the child or mother after birth.

A few days ago we were fortunate enough to attend an event put on by Kirk Cameron called Living Room Reset. It was a three hour gathering and teaching on the topics of marriage and parenting. Those are two things my wife and I are passionate about, since we fit into both categories. What I didn’t know was that Kirk and his wife adopted their first four kids from mothers who had all chosen to not abort and instead give their baby up for adoption. Kirk’s wife, Chelsea, was also the child of a mother who chose birth and adoption over abortion.

Kirk at The Living Room Reset tour at Crossroads Church in Mansfield, OH


Hearing their story brought my wife and me to tears. Especially when they talked about an organization they are heavily involved with called Save the Storks.

Save the Storks was birthed from a vision to “reach abortion-vulnerable women right where they are, right where they live, and work.” It then grew into an organization that has purchased these massive vans and buses that are all decked out on the inside with ultrasound and doctor’s equipment. They sit outside abortion clinics all around the US and they let females who think that abortion is their only option know they have more choices.

“4 out of 5 women who board a stork bus choose life for their baby! They decide not to abort.”

A glance inside one of the Save the Stork buses, image via savethestorks.com

Members of Save the Storks invite these ladies into their makeshift clinical office with professional doctors and nurses and give them free ultrasounds. They’ve found that 90% of women who see their baby on an ultrasound and actually hear their heartbeats will choose to not have an abortion. They choose to have their baby, whether they decide to raise it as their own or give it up for adoption.


Here’s where Save the Storks sets itself apart from most pro-life organizations and believers. For every woman who comes into their clinic and decides to go through with their pregnancy, Save the Storks provides resources and support to the mother for the first two years of the child’s life after birth! That is AMAZING!!!!! That is truly the definition of PRO-LIFE!

This organization is 100% funded by donations. You can go to their website and “sponsor a stork,” or click here. It’s only $35 a month to sponsor one stork, or you can make a one time monetary donation. You can also sponsor as many storks as you want! At Kirk’s event the other night, there were 94 storks sponsored in just 20 minutes!

Photo via savethestork.com


Fostering and adoption is something that my wife and I are pretty passionate about. Many women who are contemplating abortion feel like they have no other choice. It’s common to get lost in the fact that the abortion is the termination of life for a baby, but we often forget the mental and emotional burden it can be for the mother. Many women carry around these burdens for the rest of their life.

I’m not here to start a debate about pro-life vs. pro-choice. I’m not here to condemn anyone who has already chosen the path of abortion. I’m just sharing a phenomenal organization who has decided that they’ll choose the path that meets right in the middle of the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. That organization is called Save the Storks. They are truly making a difference and empowering woman all around the country.

Learn how to join the movement and find more information at savethestorks.com. Follow Save the Storks on Facebook and Instagram.

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Hope is your greatest ally. I want to help you realize that as I struggle to hold onto it myself. Check out more from me at nephilimdome.com

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