Gifford Hypertension Symposium — Novel Cardiovascular disease Biomarkers

Presenter: Stanley Hazen, MD (Cleveland Clinic)

An interesting presentation on the use of MPO as a novel CVD biomarker. MPO has been linked to vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque development and accelerated atherosclerosis in mice. In one study researchers found the use of elevated MPO plus calcification score on Cat Scan was highly predictive of cardiovascular events.

Other markers, such as Troponin I levels or hsCRP have been found to be predictive of later CV events. Dr. Hazen proposed a 3 step potential treatment algorithm for subclinical myonecrosis and inflammation detected by a panel of:

hsCRP, MPO and Troponin I

in the setting of negative traditional clinical markers (eg LDL, troponin I less than 0.03)