MYH-9 Associated Kidney Failure in African-Americans

Presenter: Barry Freedman, MD (Wake Forest University)

Researchers have identified MYH-9 as a common kidney failure gene through admixture mapping. Admixture mapping looks for genetic associations by comparing gene frequency in separated populations following mixing. MYH-9 is a likely etiology for rapid progression to renal failure in African-Americans with nephropathy from diverse etiologies such as HIVAN, “hypertensive or non-diabetic ESRD”, FSGS.

The investigators feel that MYH-9 alone can account for the excess risk for nondiabetic-induced end-stage renal disease in the African-American population.

Odds Ratio for renal failure in African-Americans with MYH-9 compared to without is 5,
Odds Ratio 7.7 in European americans with MYH-9 than without, but this occurs in much lower frequency.