One Punch Man!

One Punch Man is my FAVORITE new anime.

I recently watched the only currently available 12 episode season of this series on hulu and it was brilliant. I couldn’t stop watching. I won’t ruin the premise. Just watch the first episode and see for yourself. I’ll just say it’s a satire of the crazy high jinks that occur in all the shounen series and many other anime series besides and it does so in a particularly clever and over the top way. This series made me laugh out loud many times at the sheer spectacle of what I was watching and its complete and total absurdity.

My only criticism is that as the series went along I felt it started to take itself a little too seriously and there were less laugh out loud moments in the last couple of episodes. It started to play out like a normal shounen series and while it was cool and all it just wasn’t half as fun and I got little bit bored. But other than that it was excellent and I can’t wait until there are more episodes to watch.

I only wish I knew a lot more about Japanese culture and particularly about anime culture because this is a series where I’m sure your appreciation will grow the more stuff you recognize that they are satirizing. But even with my relatively limited knowledge boiling down to mostly just the most popular shounen brought to America like Naruto and Dragon Ball I still got a heck of a lot out of the series and I find I would highly recommend it to anyone.