Podcast of the week

This week’s podcast of the week goes to… The Co-optional Podcast

Some podcasts are heavily produced full of effects and sounds and carefully edited and polished so that they sound like you’re watching a documentary or a well put together news show. Others… sounds just like a bunch of friends getting together and talking. The Co-optional Podcast is one of the latter and it’s absolutely wonderful. There are times when there’s nothing better than to feel like I’m eaves dropping on a bunch of fairly pleasant interesting people talking about things that I love to talk about. It makes you feel like you’re a part of something, like you’re in a world where people get along and like each other and not a part of the greater cesspool that is the greater internet in the year 2016 which I’m fairly certain history will show was a time when everything was going to shit online.

Anyway, don’t get me started on that, how about I talk more about the podcast? Right. It’s a podcast featuring famous or infamous depending on who you ask youtuber totalbiscuit and his two partners in crime Dodger and Jesse Cox and most weeks they also add a guest to the roster. They talk about many random things that will likely appeal to you if you were born anywhere between the mid 1970s and the mid to late 1980s from ancient cartoons to obscure movie references to there various collectibles etc. etc. They also do occasionally talk about video games which is ostensibly the point of the show covering the games they’ve been playing this week, the gaming related news, and new releases. They cover these topics at a fairly high level as you might expect from people who play video games often for a living but they manage to do it without sucking the fun out of the games whatsoever.

Basically the podcast is fun and smart and if you’re interesting in gaming and enjoy listening to friends discuss 80s/90s/early 2000s nerd culture you’ll likely enjoy it and it’s totally worth your time.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this last part but I feel it would be remiss of me not to address at least once the two elephants in the room when discussing anything involving totalbiscuit.

First, like any celebrity or pseudo celebrity on the internet totalbiscuit has a great number of detractors. Moreover totalbiscuit’s dectractors have become particularly wrathful ever since the days of the Gamer Gate controversy. In particular if you hang out with people on the left end of the political spectrum as I do, in certain crowds among them you may hear a lot of demonization of totalbiscuit by those who have decided he is representative of the “enemy” or at least feel that by declaring him so they can achieve a bit of additional attention for themselves or their cause. The commonality of this and other criticisms and attacks combined with the second elephant I’ll get to in a moment has lead totalbiscuit to recently renounce social media altogether to get away from the toxic destructive environment social media can create. I can’t blame him. All I can say is that while I certainly can’t vouch for every utterance totalbiscuit ever made same as I can’t for anyone I can say that anyone trying to paint a black and white picture of the man as a bad force or an enemy is being incredibly unjust and unfair. He strikes me as, well, a normal human being, nicer and better than most, smart and very logical with a keen insight into the gaming industry and certainly deserving of the basic human respect afforded to anyone by any decent human being. He’s definitely not the devil some circles want to make him out to be. I recommend if you’ve heard such ill informed rumors that you check out his content for yourself in his podcast and his youtube channel and while I’m certain you won’t find total agreement I am far more certain that if you keep an open mind you will not come out of the experience with the opinion that totalbiscuit belongs among the ranks of the villainous cretins who set out to hurt and attack people online just on the basis of their differences.

The second elephant of course is the fact that totalbiscuit is also dying of cancer. He has been told the standard expectations for someone in his condition is 2–3 years to live though he fully expects to beat those odds. All I can say about that is that I am truly sorry and I greatly hope that with advances in medicine and his young age he is able to vastly defeat the odds and live a happy and relatively healthy life for many years to come. But should he pass, the entire internet and I personally will miss his voice and his insights greatly. It will be a sad day for us all. But I will always be eternally grateful for all the joy he and his friends have brought to my life during the years he has been producing entertainment.