Don’t be a genre racist

I see it almost every day and I’m sick of it. Endless quarrels about artists or songs not fitting someone’s preference. It’s totally wrong and disrespectful and yet people always need to spread a wave of hate all across the Internet. I’m not really an artist, haven’t released anything so far but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my point of view from a slightly different angle.

First of all, music should unite people. What’s the point of all those hateful “discussions”? Sharing your opinion? That’s OK. But what I really can’t stand are people offending the artist or other people who have a different opinion. Is it that hard to show some respect? Is it that hard to just leave it be? If you don’t like it, go away and find something else. There is enough music for everyone. “This is not trance, it’s progressive house! This is not progressive house, it’s big room! This is not deep house, it’s chill house!” Again. What is the point of these flame wars? What is the point of precisely putting tracks into genre boxes? It’s totally irrelevant how you call it. I may call it progressive house, you may call it trance. Does it matter? No. It sounds the same regardless of how you label it.

Speaking about genres, some people think their favorite artist will always produce the same genre. What a surprise it is for them when the artist suddenly releases something totally different. How dares he?! The artist is NOT your servant. He has the full right to produce whatever he wants. It is totally natural. Do you eat the same food every single day? No. So don’t blame artists for having more than one taste. Music evolves, you know? Don’t expect the artist to always produce one uniform sound. Don’t expect me to always produce trance. Show me one famous artist who has been producing the same style over and over again for years. I’m sure if there was one, his career didn’t last long. People get tired of the same music over time. This is how it is and if you can’t accept it, don’t call yourself a fan.

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