I fell in love with piano

I am working hard on my bachelor’s thesis these days. So much work to do in such a (relatively) short time. So far it always took me too long to write one or two pages of plain text. Not much of a productivity, right? Well, all I needed was a bit of music.

I noticed this Spotify icon staring at me from my screen. Yeah, why not? Double click. No, hard electronic music isn’t going to help my ideas flow. A few minutes of browsing what Spotify has to offer… Yup, category called Focus looks promising. Click. Playlist called Peaceful Piano even more. Click. Contains more than 5 hours of melodic piano tracks and has more than 2 million followers. Will try.

I’ve always been into melodies. Not saying I don’t like anything else, I can listen to some psy trance all day and totally enjoy it but melodies and orchestral sounds are something I really adore and aim to work with when producing my own music. So…the Peaceful Piano playlist. I clicked the Play button and wrote one page of plain text for my bachelor’s thesis in about half an hour. Much better. All thanks to those beautiful pieces of piano music playing in the background. I’m going to learn to play piano because it’s awesome.

If you don’t like working in total silence and want to really enjoy working, go launch Spotify, listen to this playlist and boost your mind. Music saves lives…and bachelor’s theses.