Why is Ludo King becoming the next sensational thing?

Going back to the days when the Internet and Mobile apps had not spread their wings and not invaded the lives of people, playing board games with friends and family was a popular pass time for many. One such strategy board game that engulfed the lives of people from all the generations was Ludo. Moving the tokens on the rolls of a die, this game brought people together from all walks of life. Dated back to 6th century in India known as Pachisi then, there is evidence of it being played even by the Mughals. But as the wheel of time slowly progressed and the era of technological innovations coupled with path-breaking inventions in the field of entertainment dawned upon us, this game lost all its sheen. However, as it is rightly said that History repeats itself, once again Ludo has made a sensational comeback as one of the most popular gaming app, witnessing millions of downloads every day that transcend geographical boundaries.

The latest version of the game by the name Ludo King compatible with both Android and IOS systems has been developed by Gametion, a Mumbai based company. With more than 55 million downloads across the world, staggering 10 million active users and more than one million new installs daily, it took the gaming industry by storm. It is insanely popular in the South-east Asian countries with India alone accounting for around 80% users followed by Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries.One can witness commuters playing it while travelling in a metro, office co-workers glued to it during breaks and family members engrossed into it after dinner. The gaming industry already offers tons of fascinating, kick ass games with compelling graphics to its users, but then what is driving people crazy over this new game?

The revival of the Old Tradition:

Playing the classic board game had been an integral part of Indian folks and had its roots in their cultural lifestyle. The new online version offers the exact interface as the board game and evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Familiarity with the game and simple rules makes it easy to play for all generations.

Easy to carry around:

The traditional board game demanded one to carry the board, tokens and die. Also, there were pretty high chances of losing the tokens and the die. With the arrival of Ludo King, it ensured that it could be played anytime and anywhere without the fear of losing the tokens or the die or even the board as smartphones has gradually reached every nook and corner. One just has to download the game without spending a penny and start playing.

The physical presence of players not required:

The traditional board game required that all the participants sit together to play the game. Ludo King offers four modes- either one can play with computer or with friends in an offline mode or with strangers or with friends in an online mode. Even if the players are miles away from each other, they can relish playing this strategic game by being online.

Nail-biting finishes:

Ludo King has an unknown algorithm set into it that gives a feeling of suspense, thrill and excitement that the traditional board game lacks. The traditional board game is based entirely on the luck of a player and his strategic moves. So, if a player desperately needs a six, then he has to entirely depend upon his lady luck. Even it is possible that the opponent is able to home all the tokens and the player couldn’t even enter his single token into the play. But, here the game is so designed and the algorithm so set to ensure that each player has a chance of winning. Whenever the advance of a token ends on a square occupied by an opponent’s token, the opponent’s token is returned to its yard and this comes with the hissing sound of a snake which gives one a feeling of vengeance. It can also happen that the player most likely to win will end up losing and that gives every player the ray of hope of a win even if he or she had a bad start in the game.

Whatever factors that have kick-started the craze, Ludo King is there to stay. It brings people from all boundaries and ages together. The element of suspense, thrill, tension, excitement and fun that this game brings in keeps people captivated for hours. So, until we get a new adrenaline pumping and a jaw-dropping gaming experience, enjoy the ride that Ludo takes you into.

Download link for Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludo.king&hl=en

Download link for IOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/ludo-king/id993090598?mt=8