Beginning my Programming Journal

One day, I might be good enough to actually share something novel with you. For now, this is just a journal of what I’m learning and messing around with. We’ll start with a few regrets. A few things I wish I had done or learned a couple years ago when I started teaching myself to build web applications:

  • I wish I had used Pry from the very beginning. Oh the hours I’ve lost. Using Pry to debug your Ruby code might be obvious to just about any Ruby developer, but when you’re on the self taught island and every tutorial or blog post you read talks about another essential tool, sometimes you heed the advice you shouldn’t and dismiss something that could have saved you days of your life.
  • I wish I hadn’t waited until a week ago to get my first real code review. Seriously, I’ve been writing ruby and javascript code for a couple years now, and aside from asking a question related to small chunks of code on stack overflow, I hadn’t had an experienced developer tear apart my code. Again, it’s a little painful to think about how much further I’d be today if this was happening from the start.
  • I wish I had been blogging/journaling this whole time so I had a cleaner record of the wide variety of topics I’ve covered and the definite progress I HAVE actually made.

Alright, that’s enough of the regretting. Moving on.

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