The Surefire Steps for Dealing With a Pissed-Off Customer
Gary Vaynerchuk

What I’ve learned about this is that I need to break the angry customers down into two categories (much like you’ve done above, but with one slight twist):
(1) The customer is right, and then I need to make it right. Maybe it’s a refund or a free something with the assureance that it will never happen again. Whatever it takes the cost now, will pay for itself over and over again if I get to keep the customer. Even if I don’t, as long as they walk away with a good taste in their mouth, they will hopefully go on saying good things about me; as in, “at least he made it right.”

(2) I don’t really care if the customer is wrong. They might be, and they may very well, in their own perception and for very good reason feel they are right, even if they are wrong. My challenge is to try and determine if they are trying to take advantage of me or not. If I think they are then I will still try and help them, but with very short limits. I will do so much, and then I will be prepared to tell them at a certain point, “I’m sorry but I just can’t help you. I can refund your money if you like.”