Being A Developer After 40
Adrian Kosmaczewski

Thanks for this post! I’ve been having a mid-life crisis recently (turned 40 this year) when I realized that this year marks my 20th anniversary of working (officially) in tech. I started at Netscape and have had the fortune and luck to have worked at many a startup to Skype to venture capital and back to a small startup again this year. But I feel old in this Silicon Valley even though I have been in it the entire time. I find myself saying things like, “I remember when I upgraded my harddrive from 500MB to 1.2GB and it was ammmazing!” and then I want to hurt myself.

Alas, I still love this industry and I still love the innovation. It has been a privilege to grow up watching something evolve as our world has and I look forward to continuing to learn even if it sometimes makes me feel old and slow.

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