Programming, today’s superpower

Code to productivity
“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think” - Steve Jobs,Co-Founder,Apple Inc.

Anyone can learn to code. Whatever may be your educational background you can learn the basics of computer programming in few hours and within few weeks you can make a simple but useful application or your own website(Trust me I have done this!!!).The fact that you don’t hanker to become a professional programmer shouldn’t impede you from comprehending the basic skills of programming. There was a time when books were only read and written by an elite group,now everyone can read and write. But,just because everyone can write,doesn’t mean all are trying to be a professional author.

Today,our lives are cohesively attached to our mobile computer devices and applications that run on them. Technology users often underestimate the working of these contrivance and this makes learning new technology an intimidating process. A knowledge of the language and working of these gadgets will hone your skill to use them to fullest and troubleshoot on these devices.

Softwares are a high level abstraction of performing tasks on your computer. Programming is about making your computer perform tasks in exactly the way you want it to perform. For this you don’t need to master the discipline of computer science,a rudimentary knowledge will be sufficient. To program a computer device you don’t need to be a genius,it’s like playing Lego,you build something small and then add a little to it and then again add a little to it to build something big.

The question is not why one should learn programming,the question is why one shouldn’t. Computer programming teaches how to think,how to approach,model and solve any problem, however big and complex it may be. It is an amalgam of applied mathematics and computer science that teaches us an iterative approach to solve a problem. Computational thinking elucidates you about breaking down large problems into a sequence of smaller and easily solvable problems. It allows you to handle complex problems in efficient ways. Not only computer professionals but anybody can use this superpower to puzzle out the problems in their respective field of career and the best part is solution can be scaled to any size of deployment.

The skill of computer programming aids you in every domain. Computational analysis can be used to perceive the rules that market follows. Also,a knowledge of Excel Macros and other scripting languages would be very functional to any person in business or corporate sphere. Today,we have financial engineering,a whole new field that involves financial theory,the tools of mathematics and the practise of programming. Financial engineers are earning over a lakh of dollar every year. Financial and enterprise systems often need to perform complicated tasks and yet remain highly organized,requiring languages like Java and C#,whereas media,design related web pages require dynamic and versatile languages such as PHP,Ruby and JavaScript. A blog writer or a propagator can make his own beautiful website, just the way he wants, by grasping some cardinal skills and without remunerating thousands of buck. Not just professionals but anybody can avail the power of computer automation to automate routine tasks such as sending a bunch of quotidian mails, processing or renaming substantial number of images and files, by maneuvering the power of python,grunt etc. Coding is really a fun as a hobby, try,they will make you fall in love with coding.

You may have seen toddlers use gadgets effortlessly ,however the experience can be daunting for most of adults. This demonstrates that the real power of computers as an education medium, lies in its ability to expedite children’s natural potential to experiment,explore and construct. Graphical programming softwares like Scratch(by MIT) allows them to fabricate games and interactive animations. Anyone can use this program to kick off their venture in programming. Science has proven that piano lessons make kids better at maths. You don’t learn piano to turn into Mozart but the point is it teaches supplementary prowess. Similar is with programming,it educates you that every problem can be cracked with a systematic programming .

It is addictive to see computer performing what you instructed it to do,.Even beyond the tech world, an understanding of at least one programming language makes an impressive boost to your resume giving you a stimulus in already arduous economy. Who knows,you may even get a kick out of coding and make it your profession. Remember that number of coding jobs is only expected to jump 30% from 2015 to 2020,meanwhile the average growth of all other U.S. jobs is predicted to be just 14%.Considering that developers can earn more than 50,00,000₹ per year,it’s not a bad skill to master. With the zeal towards practising and learning programming you may become the founder of next titanic startup or you may even work in world’s best workplace Google,Amazon,Apple or Microsoft and earn thousands of dollar by sitting in front of laptop at home/workroom. Look back at Google,Facebook,Apple,Flipkart, they were created by ardent developers who haven’t necessarily mastered computer science but their ardour gave world truly the most productive services.

Are you ready to have your own super powers to assist and mutate the world, owing to the fact that programmers of today are the wizards of future.