Top Five Cloud Computing Trends For 2017

It seems that cloud computing is a technology that is here to stay for the long run. With increased acceptance from businesses big and small from a variety of sectors, it’s no surprise that Cisco has predicted that cloud IP traffic will increase four times in the next five years.

Here are some of the predicted trends in cloud computing for this year:

Cloud Security will Become Vital: As the use of cloud technology becomes more and more common, the demand for better security measures is bound to increase. Data encryption and making users aware of securely accessing information will become important. Better security in cloud computing will improve trust in this evolving technology and eventually lead to more corporations adopting it.

Increase in Use if Containers: Cloud containers have been proven to make operations more convenient and efficient. They are absolutely vital in managing software code in systems developed for cloud apps. Since containers are flexible and cost-effective to use, they are especially useful for companies that provide micro services. The use of Linux containers is expected to increase dramatically and become a standard practice in the industry.

Hybrid Cloud Approach: Small businesses won’t have any problems switching to cloud computing but for big businesses who have already invested a lot in infrastructure, making the switch to the cloud will be a slow and gradual process. This will drive a hybrid approach, where data is stored on locally and on the cloud. Such systems will also require audit functions to keep all services running smoothly.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: With the rapid growth that is predicted in the near future, industry experts have predicted that hyper-converged cloud platforms can be the only way forward. There are multiple advantages of such platforms since scalability and speed of deployment will increase rapidly. There will also be better security and operation costs will come down due to reduced need of maintenance.

Lift-And-Shift Cloud Migration Model: Cloud migration will become easier as organizations continue to demand more freedom to migrate from one cloud to another. Although lift-and-shift tools may be costly at first with increased popularity, their price will come down.

Most of the cloud computing trends we see today will improve the technology markedly in a short period of time making it cheaper, efficient and more secure. Contact Nerds Support for excellent cloud computing solutions!

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