Our Ten Favorite Walt Disney World Details

One of our favorite things about visiting Walt Disney World is all the amazing detail packed into the parks. Some of these are rather hidden while others are in plain sight, and while it would take an entire book or more to list all of them, these are our favorite Walt Disney World details.

Singing Lessons — Main Street at the Magic Kingdom is full of little details, and this is one that we discovered on one of our very first trips. About halfway down Main Street, there’s a little side street with no outlet and a little bit of seating. It’s nice and quiet, for the most part, but if you stand under the window titled ‘Singing Lessons’, you can hear them taking place.

Do Not Pull the Rope — Outside of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll see a rope with this sign — of course, you should do exactly the opposite, and listen to the reaction you get.

Miniature Train Village — This qualifies as one of the ‘in plain sight’ details, but it’s one that we always love to see. An elaborate miniature train village sits outside of the Germany Pavilion in Epcot, and often has little extra decorations added during seasonal events.

Hunt for Pascal — The Tangled area in the Magic Kingdom is one of our favorite themed areas, despite its only major attraction being the bathrooms — it’s just a lovely and usually relaxing area. For a little extra fun, see if you can find Pascal hidden in nearly a dozen spots around the area.

Tree of Life — The Animal Kingdom’s centerpiece is impressive from a distance, but you really have to get close to it to appreciate all the detail. Over 300 animals are carved into the tree’s trunk, branches, and roots, and there are a few trails surrounding the tree that let you see a lot of these up close.

Until Death Do Us Part — The Haunted Mansion is one of my all-time favorite Disney rides with incredible levels of detail and storytelling, but you really have to pay attention to find this little secret. Outside the Haunted Mansion in the queue, there’s a wedding ring embedded in the ground. (A Cast Member can help you find it, if you ask).

City of Tomorrow — Walt Disney’s original vision for Epcot was a model city of tomorrow, and while the park has turned out very different, you can see a glimpse of this model city on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. Look to your left (assuming you’re facing forward) after going past Stitch’s Great Escape.

Singin’ in the Rain — Although this might not be there for long after the major expansions planned for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, for now this is a fun photo op in the Streets of America (and possibly a way to cool off).

Picture If You Will — The Tower of Terror is an incredibly detailed ride, and is especially fun for fans of the Twilight Zone. Keep an eye out for direct references to the show, such as the fortune teller from ‘Nick of Time’ and the book from ‘To Serve Man’ in the library, and ‘The Dummy’ in the pile of stuff you’ll see near the end of the ride.

Hidden Mickeys — The search for Mickey Mouse’s silhouette throughout the parks is a popular one, and the fun thing is you can find them just about anywhere — walking through the parks, on rides, in restaurants, at the resorts — and we’re always finding new ones. One of the first ones we saw was a brightly colored bobber in one of the scenes in Splash Mountain.

This is just a sample of all the details you can discover in the parks — be sure to keep an eye out, because these are the kinds of details that add a little extra magic to your trip.

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Originally published at www.nerdtravelpro.com on August 18, 2015.