Open Letter To Trump Voters

Note: This blog post originally appeared on my blog on 11/09/16.

I bet you feel real proud of yourselves. You flipped off the liberal media and the coastal elites. And, not only did you get away with it, you won big. Your guy won.

While I was watching the early returns, I watched some of the interviews you people gave explaining your support for the Republican candidate. And in too many of these interviews, you glowingly praised Trump for "telling it how it is."


Trump wasn't "telling it like it is" when he claimed that Mexicans are rapists. Trump wasn't "telling it like it is" when he claimed that John McCain wasn't a war hero for getting captured while fighting in Vietnam, a war that Trump avoided serving in by using questionable deferments. Trump was most definitely not "telling it how it is" when he claimed to know more about ISIS than most generals. Trump was not "telling how it is" when he claimed that abortions could be performed on days before birth. Trump was not "telling it like it is" when he claimed that urban areas populated by blacks were so dangerous that one could be shot simply walking down the street and that the (unconstitutional) stop and frisk program in New York City was responsible for the historically low crime rate there. And Trump was most definitely not "telling it like it is" when he claimed that he could "grab [women] by the pussy" because his fame entitled him to do so.

But Donald Trump was "telling it how it is" when he claimed that it was virtually impossible for him to lose the support of his backers, arrogantly boasting that he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and still get elected.

Last night, you proved him right. I hope you're happy.

In fact, I hope that you are deliriously happy tonight because you won't be in the upcoming weeks. In a few weeks, you'll be unhappy. In fact, you will be miserable.

You will be miserable because Donald Trump is a con artist who sold you a phony bill of goods, goods that you leveraged all your assets to buy. He doesn't care about or even understand your concerns. How could he? A native New Yorker born into immense wealth and privilege, Donald Trump doesn't know shit about life in the working-class Rust Belt and he is less than interested in doing the work of finding out.

Somehow I think you knew this all along but you stuck with him anyway because Trump stoked your rage at a system that you felt had cheated you, condescended to you, and ignored your very real distress. You voluntarily played weak-willed overindulgent parent to Trump's bratty five-year-old. He demanded dessert before dinner and a 2 am bedtime and you laughed it off and went along with it because you were amused by his antics.

Now that Donald Trump has secured his victory, his antics won't be so cute anymore because they will have actual real-life consequences attached to them. And you will only have yourselves to blame when the economy tanks due to Trump's ruinous tax breaks for the rich, the trillion dollar cost of the mass deportations he promised, and Mexico's outight refusal to pay for the wall he wants to build. People will blame you when America (perhaps permanently) loses prestige in the eyes of the rest of the world. It will be your fault when--not if--Trump provokes yet another expensive, poorly prosecuted, and ultimately unwinnable (nuclear) war. It will be your fault when racial tensions, already ratcheted to unprecedented levels, finally spiral out of control. People will blame you when our best and brightest young people flee to Canada, perhaps never to return.

Gary Hart once said that we get the leaders we deserve. You most definitely deserve Trump. I would gloat over your imminent suffering if so many innocents weren't going to suffer along with you. How many immigrants, Muslims, blacks, women, gays, etc. are going to lose their livelihoods, their rights, their freedoms, and even their very lives due to your desire to "send a message?" It's too soon to tell.

As I said before, you get the leaders you deserve. And anyone who believed the lie that they had to "Make America Great Again" when it was already great to begin with deserves every thing they get from a Trump White House.

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