Proof That Donald Trump Doesn't Mean A Word He Says

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump supporters used Hillary Clinton's misuse of a private email server (and subsequent mishandling of classified documents) as proof that Hillary Clinton was corrupt, inverterately so. Not only did the email scandal spur Trump's supporters to call for Trump to "lock her up", but many on the left used questions about the private server to justify their decision to go third party or to sit out the election altogether. The lingering stench of the scandal may have cost Clinton the election.

Not only has Trump walked back his vow to prosecute Clinton over the private server, he is considering David Petraeus for the post of Secretary of State. For anyone who wasn’t paying attention four years ago, David Petraeus is a retired four-star general/former head of the CIA who was tried and convicted of mishandling classified information.

Petraeus began an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, in 2011. At some point, Broadwell, who was also married, began anonymously sending harassing emails to another woman, a friend of Petraeus. The woman, feeling threatened, reported the messages to the FBI who in turn traced them to Broadwell. During the course of the investigation, the authorities found classified information from Petraeus on Broadwell’s computer. Resigning his CIA post under a cloud in 2012, Petraeus pled guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials in March 2015. He was sentenced to two years probation and a $40,000 fine. As of this writing, Petraeus is still on probation. If he accepts the position, Petraeus will need permission from his probation officer to leave the state of North Carolina.

If any other politician was considering David Petraeus for the position of top diplomat, I would be drinking a tall glass of WTF??? right now. But this isn’t any old politician. This is Donald Trump, the guy who lied more than seven out of every ten times he opened his mouth on the campaign trail. Literally. His hypocrisy know no bounds and I refuse to be surprised anymore.

Instead, I am left to ponder the silence of his supporters. Seeing that many of them chanted "lock her up" at Trump's carnivalesque rallies this year, I expected an avalanche of outrage directed at Trump for considering someone like David Petraeus for the post of Secretary of State. After all, the Trump team is being blatantly hypocritical.

Then I remembered who Trump's supporters are. Seething with rage and feeling utterly threatened by the fact that yet another person who wasn't a white man had a chance of being Commander-in-Chief, they threw in their lots with Donald Trump, probably knowing all along that he didn't actually care about them. Like many victims of scam artists, they are too embarrassed to admit that Donald Trump perpetrated the Art of the Con on them so they are pretending not to notice that he has broken yet another campaign promise.

Well, the people of Nazi Germany pretended not to notice that their Jewish neighbors were being deported en masse. We all know how that ended.

So Trump supporters have a choice to make: either admit that they made a mistake on Election Day and get onboard with halting Trump’s agenda or continue to get played.

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